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Monday, 6 December 2010

Reactions to the hyped-up Exeter University report on 'Islamophobia'

Read these comments. They may be deleted by now from the New Statesman. After all, the Guardian deletes views it does not like on a very frequent basis.
05 December 2010 at 12:13
We don't need to tackle Islamophobia. The Muslim community needs to tackle those from within their community feel it's acceptable to blow up their fellow citizens to make a political point. Do this an Islamophobia will disappear

05 December 2010 at 12:16
Will you, Mr Lambert, investigate the teaching of British Muslim children that they can recognise Jews because they look like monkeys and pigs, and that they should not mix with or befriend "Kuffar" i.e. non-Muslims, that the penalty for the "crimes" of Homosexuality, Atheism, Apostasy, Adultery and sex before marriage is death, by stoning or burning alive ? This shocking revelation was on UK television recently and an undercover Muslim reporter found the damning evidence, Michael Gove was interviewed for the programme and Private Eye have published an article about the funding from UK taxpayers for these "Islamic" schools, using the Saudi Arabian official textbooks to promote Wahabbist "Islamic" ideology?

Adrian C
05 December 2010 at 12:25
I've read Lambert's report, and it's the most tendentious, ill-supported, propagandistic pile of crap masquerading as "research" I've ever come across. It is a major embarrassment to Exeter University, and to academia generally.

05 December 2010 at 13:06
I think it's time to get a grip and realise the UK has home-grown terrorists , extremists preachers of hate and organisations which are a threat to national security. It's time to abolish faith schools which are divisive and facilitate the teaching of values separate from a liberal secular society , it's time to integrate the Muslim community to liberal secular values as the means to create a stable cohesive society which reduces the threat of terrorism in the UK. The threat to the UK does not come from the Middle East where sensible policies have been used to deal with extremists , but from within the UK. The universities are the recruiting base for terrorists. It's time for tough effective measures to deal with terrorism for the majority if Muslims that come to.

Who loath these monsters that seen to have an impact in the UK. Let’s bring our communities together which British Asians not Muslims separated from liberal secular Britain. If people don't want to subscribe to British values they should be asked to leave and live in Iran which is an Islamic state where they will be a happy because the state reflects a different set of values

05 December 2010 at 13:36
If people want to live in a country or culture, they must accept the values of that society. The Muslims attitude to the rest of British society, and indeed the Western world they choose to live in, is the problem and until they accept this and state loudly and clearly that these terrorists are nothing whatsoever to do with Islamic teachings and that they will not go to paradise and get their reward, then they will continue to feed the hatred of the BNP and EDL and all the other headbangers who are just as bad as the terrorists really. [How many Muslims has the EDL killed. Errr… None.]

05 December 2010 at 16:05
Will the committee also be discussing the murder, grievous bodily harm and routine discrimination against gay people, women and non-Muslims both within the British Muslim community and throughout the Muslim World?

05 December 2010 at 16:59
What upsets me is universities are a great way to recruit young converts to Islamic fundamentalism, as has been seen with the Detroit bomber who was president of the Islamic society at UCL . Universities such as Leicester were showing videos glorifying terrorism to young students at an Islamic awareness week. I will quote what a few extremists said: ‘We have a great opportunity to mobilise effectively in the UK which we can't do in Arab states which have limited democratic structures.’

I was shocked by the glorification of terror. We must deal with the universities effectively to prevent home-grown terrorists from developing. Young people are more likely to be radicalised at Queen Mary Westfield or Manchester Uni than Amy Arab country. The preachers of hate must have their social benefits taken away and thrown out the country. The money can be used for those poor ex-soldiers that need somewhere to live.

The BBC documentary was shocking and reflects the nonsense of promoting diversity when in fact it's promoting medieval barbaric behaviour which will culminate in terrible terrorist atrocities. We must create a united kingdom not a Taliban society. Liberal, civilised, valued for a humane Britain. This does mean the burka must be banned because we are not Saudi Arabia. I say to any one who wants to oppress women? Why do you come to a country that embodies a different set of values? Please except the British way and we can move forward to create harmony together as the United Kingdom. I also think the stupid wars across the world are offensive to Muslims which means the UK and the United Stated should pull out of Iraq. I think a balanced foreign policy would help promote liberal values.

05 December 2010 at 20:40
There is no significant 'prejudice and stigmatisation towards Muslims' today. It does not exist in reality. Everyone knows this.

What we do find is:

1) fear and loathing of stupid kids who want to blow themselves up on tube trains;

2) Suspicion of the weaselly evasions of the London reps of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jamat-e- Islami;

3) Utter and total contempt for the pretend-research of opportunistic chancers like Lambert. They are taken as seriously as the populists like the Mail and the Express.

Of course, they are losing the argument. Their position is weaker. It's easy to see that from the pathetic debating poses they take up, like these: anyone who disagrees is a neocon; anyone who disagrees is paid to do so; any fact which they find unpleasant is 'unfounded'; any revelation about one of their allies is a 'smear'.

As to islamophobia, there is a hilarious passage in this document where the 'researchers' give an account of interviews with British Muslims where none of the intervewees apparently have any personal experience of actual Islamophobia! They then attribute this to some kind of failure of consciousness. Great stuff. [False consciousness - classic Marxist trick?]

Hans Castorp
05 December 2010 at 21:01
Interesting that this article appears from a body assisted by Al-Jazeera, who have been shown by the wikileaks cables to be in bed with the Qatar government:

whose criminalisation of homosexuals Mehdi is defending elsewhere as a mere peccadillo:

WTF is going on?

@Adrian C, where did you get the full report? Oddly, it’s not actually available via Lambert’s website ( Link please.

Let’s take a closer look at what we are dealing with from the article for now.

Lambert says:

“As research by the Institute of Race Relations makes plain Muslim taxi drivers, restaurant workers and other low paid workers often face street violence that is aimed equally at other minority targets.”

This is a lie. The IRR research, and official crime figures just released, show no such “equality”.

By far the biggest form of hate crimes of this type committed in this country are against Jews. A balanced article might mention that fact. But then, Lambert’s centre also campaign for Gaza, so sympathy for Jews is out.

Over 700 anti-Semitic attacks reported to police last year alone:

out of a total of 2000 religious hate crimes. The total includes Northern Ireland, so we can sadly bank on a lot of cath/prod hate crime in there. The fact that ACPO sees fit to draw sole attention to anti-semitic hate crimes from the total religious hate crimes shows how conspicuously it dwarfs crimes against other religious minorities.

Therefore, to say that street violence is “aimed equally at other minority targets” is manifestly untrue. Jews get it much, much worse than Muslims.

Paw Keeter
05 December 2010 at 22:42
I'm a Muslim and the best way to tackle Islamophobia is by publicly burning the Qu'ran. Islam is an evil religion fuelled by hatred. The prophet Mohammed (death be upon him) was a paedophile. Most young Muslim men in the UK love raping white children and I totally support this. Anyway it's time for a bacon sandwich now.

Hans Castorp
05 December 2010 at 22:59
I don't apologise for Zionism. In fact, unlike you, I never mentioned it. I reject your implication that the word is OK to use as a coded insult of some kind.

I don't call 703 acts of hate crime against Jews "negligible". But then, that depends on whether you think Jews are alright, which I do, and whether facts matter to you, which it seems they do not.

In your case, you are merely using 'Zionist' and 'Jew' as interchangeably. I can tell this because you just can't help paint a little conspiracy of secret Jew power. It seems I'm part of a "lobby"!

You want to change a debate on Lambert's crappy report into some sort of paranioac nonsence. It ain't gonna happen.

You should be ashamed. Also, your literacy level is very low. Accordingly, I'm ignoring you hereonin.

Hans Castorp
05 December 2010 at 23:07
Also, check this out folks:

How is Lambert regarded by the NS as even halfway serious? What the hell are editorial thinking?

06 December 2010 at 00:23

'Islamophobia is the new anti-semitism' followed by slander of 'Zionists' and 'Israel lobbies' Yawn! But of course you aren't anti-semitic wink wink. Please tell me who you are to decide weather your're anti-semitic or not? How much do you know about anti-semitism, tell me about life in the Thrid Reich, name me some anti-semitic canards? Are you a lecturer in anti-sem? And then please tell me how anti-semitism and Islamophobia are at all similar, Islamophobia has exploded since events such as 9/11 and idiots holding Muslims collectively responsible, it's not right, agreed, but anti-semitism is not even comparable. No-one is accusing Muslims of controlling banks, media or politics, thats what anti-semitism is and oh wait its you thats doing that. And the link between the EDL and the 'Israel Lobby'?? whoa! some Jews belong to the EDL as other English people do, and others are members of the Labour party, others are members of the Green Party, many Jews as well as non-jews also like Israel the Jewish State believe it or not? On the subject of unholy alliances, are you a homophobe with regard to the fact that the Palestine lobby is so closely related to the RESPECT party? Whos members frequently make a slip of the tongue and their real beliefs come through. Adam Yosef par example. You're judgements are amateurish. There is no intelligence to your assertions, and you do not think critically, I'm afraid you've been moulded into the classic anti-semite, although you'll never realize it. Bit ironic that the Jews were 'controlling' the banks, media and government in 1930's Germany and now their children the 'Zionists' are doing the same thing a century later. Food for thought...

Looks like the cat has slipped out of the bag
06 December 2010 at 00:26
Islamophobia is now used as a blanket excuse for the most part to put people off from questioning and examining the more dubious of activites coming from sections of the Islamic Community in Britain.

Real cases of 'Islamophobia' are now becoming more ignored because of this knee jerk reaction which plays into the extremists hands as it gives them a rallying call to moderate muslims and fog to conceal there extremist activites under.

I know one thing for sure, the EDL and BNP aren't widespread recruiting and handing out propaganda in UK universities but radical sects of Islam defintely are.

The Qu'ran is the new vogue, replacing the Communist Manifesto as the must read book......

06 December 2010 at 01:30
As a complement to this committee, is Mr Lambert going to organise a Committee on Misogyny in Riyadh, a Committee on Homophobia in Tehran and Committee on Christianophobia in Cairo?

These would be very appropropriate, considering that, although Muslims enjoy full legal equality and police protection from persuctors in Britain, women, non-Muslims and gay people have no such rights in the Muslim World.

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  1. Re Bob Lambert:

    "Last week, in an article for the al-Jazeera website, Lambert defended a decision by some of his other Islamist allies, such as the East London Mosque, to host meetings with the terrorist preacher Anwar al-Awlaki." Rest below.