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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Peterborough's Sikhs are Being Used by Muslims

Why are some – only some - Peterborough Sikhs supporting Muslims by opposing the EDL? Have Peterborough’s Sikhs swallowed all the Muslim propaganda against the EDL?

Of course Muslims are against the EDL. The EDL is against sharia law, militant Islam, as well as Islamist Muslim groups like MPACUK and the MCB. You’d expect that. But what have Sikhs got against us?

The problem is that many Sikhs in the UK, just like many Jews as well as many Methodists and Anglicans, judge Islam and Muslims by their own decent standards. They think that Islam is ‘basically just like all other religions’ and even that Islamists are ‘just like us’. But they’re not!

Islam is basically a death cult with a fatal obsession with Jews, the infidel, death and the afterlife. It’s a big mistake to give Islam and Islamists the benefit of the doubt. Such naiveté will backfire big time. It has backfired big time.

Sikhism was largely a response to Islamic evil, Islamic supremacism and Islamic expansionism.

In any case. What actually happens at these InterFaith meetings?

I’ll tell you one thing. The direction is all one way. Muslims proselytise their religion, and Sikhs, Anglicans, Methodists and Hindus listen intently. It cannot work the other way. Muslims will learn next to nothing about Sikhism or Christianity at these lovey-dovey InterFaith get-togethers. In fact I know it because it is against sharia law, against the teachings of the Koran, for a Muslim to listen to - or even see - any expressions of any other faith.

Muslims are using Peterborough’s InterFaith meetings and ‘initiatives’ to hoodwink all other religions. They are using other religions to fight the Islamic battle against all alternative religions, as well as to fight against the EDL. Again, the direction is all one way:

From Muslims to Sikhs.
From Muslims to Christians.
From Muslims to Jews. Etc.

Sikhs, Jews and Christians are being had. As Mohammed said: ‘War is deceit.’ And interfaith initiatives and get-togethers are deceit, or Taqiyya, made flesh.

Why are so many people being fooled? Why are Sikhs so keen to be fooled by Muslims?

Is it because Sikhism is a decent religion, largely full of decent people? And a decent religion and decent people will, by their very nature, see only the good in other religions. But what if there is no good in another religion? What if there is not much that is good in Islam? What if all interfaithers are being led down the garden path to their own annihilation at the hands of Islam? What a frightening and depressing thought.

Sikhs are not going to score any points for themselves by seeing only the good in Islam. There is nothing spiritual or decent about lying to oneself, and others, about Islam. Let Sikhs and Christians, as well as Jews and Hindus, proclaim the truth about Islam. Surely that’s what God would want – the truth.

And that truth is 1,400 years of Islamic supremacism, intolerance, expansion, warfare and persecution. From the destruction of the Persian and Byzantine Empires, to the hundreds of millions of slaughtered Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus in India, to Hamas blowing up Jewish infant schools in Israel.

What the hell do Muslims say about all this when they talk to Sikhs at interfaith meetings? Seeing no Islamic evil and hearing no Islamic evil is not the way forward for Sikhs or for anyone else. It will result in the destruction of Sikhism and the glory of Islam – something which all Muslims desire.

No deceit. No Taqiyya. No surrender.

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