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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Memo for Peterborough Demonstration, 11/12/2010.

How can a year end so perfectly, Christmas and New year are on the way, and we have our final demo of the year, and it's not by any means an average-arranged demo.

This time we have been met with open arms. I said in the last memo I wrote about Nuneaton that “I couldn’t help but feel that the establishment and the civil services were starting to feel sincere to our cause”, well now I know that we are gaining support in more areas we needed.

The EDL along with Cambridgeshire police and a bit of help from Peterborough council have achieved a successful demonstration. The council even accepted our plans to shut down one of Peterborough’s busiest city centre dual carriageways and its main bridge. They have even moved the Peterborough United football club's game from the Saturday to the Friday, just to accommodate us. And we thank PUFC for being so facilitating. Usually we’d never ask, but our message is urgent.

All coaches are to make their way to Haddon services, junction 17, A1m, Northbound. Please get here between 10:30am and midday. You will be marshalled in as you arrive immediately to Peterborough United Fotball Cub car park. Anyone a little late, don’t worry, I’ve organised police to stay there until 12:30pm. To facilitate any late comers, from PUFC car park you will be directed in the direction of the public houses.

All cars and minibuses are to make their way to PUFC car park from 10:45am to 11:30am. You will also be directed towards the public houses.

Anyone arriving by train please get to Peterborough train station between 10:30am and no latter than 12:00pm, the police will direct you to the public houses.

Anyone arriving by foot please make your way to the public houses for no earlier than 11:00am and no latter than 12:00pm.

The three public houses that will be available to us on the day are:

The Peacock, London rd, PE2-8AR
The Cherry Tree, Oundle rd, PE2-9PB
Charters, Oundle rd, PE1-1FP

The pubs aren’t right next to each other, but only a couple of minutes walk apart. From these public houses we will be making our way to PUFC car park, from which you will be directed to by our stewards and the police. We will leave the public houses at 12:45pm to start our march at 13:00pm.

We will march into the city centre where our static demonstration will take place in the middle of the shopping district. You will be met by Tony Curtis, who will be introducing live music and speakers from the English Defence League. The static part of the demonstration will start at 13:30pm when we arrive, and finish at 15:00pm. We will then march back to PUFC car park, where you will be able to board onto your transport to exit Peterborough. Anybody arriving by foot or going back to the train station will also be accommodated for.

It's been a great year. We are moving forward quite rapidly. Let's end the year the way we will start 2011 - by letting them know: They're our streets!!!

No surrender.
Guramit Singh.


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