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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Jews shocked by pro-terrorism speaker at LSE

- By the EDL's Homo Sapien

These are the same stupid students who created the anti-EDL campaign "Not In Our Name". It consisted of lies against EDL. And even though the EDL JDiv (and other Jews) spent time challenging and correcting these lies, the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) just kept on deleting the truth.

Well, all I can say to them is: you are blind fools and you are cowards.

In fact, EDL JDiv was at that pro-terrorism talk at the London School of Economics (LSE), but because they were not University of London students, and the room was full of Muslim pro-terrorist scum, JDiv were turned away (as were about 40 other people). Believe me, if JDiv had got in there they would have made sure that talk was terminated and they would not have been intimidated. They would not just bleat like the pathetic children of UJS.

The following night I was the only critic in a room that was 70% Muslim, and 30% dhimmi. They didn't intimidate me. And I made sure those dhimmis went home thinking twice about supporting sharia law. At the end I had to walk through a gauntlet of Muslim fanatics. They stopped speaking as I walked straight though them.

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