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Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets

- By the EDL's lostinbanglatown

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a disaster waiting to happen. Since the 1970s, when the first Bangladeshi people moved in (and were welcomed), the Muslim population of this Inner London Borough has been ballooning and is now so extensive that they have effectively squeezed out all other voices. So much for "multiculturalism".

Since October 2010 all the instruments of local civic authority have been appropriated and are now under the absolute control of the Muslim Bengali population. It is not enough for them to merely occupy 75% of the seats on the council and choose the Council Leader but in May 2010 a referendum was held - was organised by the so-called Respect Party (led by two unsavoury characters namely Abjol Miah and Bodrul Islam) - that approved the notion that the Council be stripped of its power and replaced by a Directly Elected Executive Mayor.

The way this referendum was organised was a scandal. The petition calling or a referendum was signed almost exclusively by Muslims. Out of around 30,000 signatures about 200 were non-Bengali. Also, almost half of these petitioners were fake people - they did not exist. Nevertheless, Tower Hamlets approved the petition and agreed to hold a referendum in May 2010.

The referendum in May 2010 was later passed by local voters (Tower Hamlets administered the referendum and many people suspect it was rigged) and in October (on a turn out of just 10%) the controversial Lutfur Rahman was elected as Executive Mayor for the next 5 years.

The trouble with Executive Mayors is that they are elected by a simple majority. That means they need just one vote more than their closest rival and the winner takes it all; the loser leaves with nothing. So the 40% of people in Tower Hamlets who are not from Bangladesh now have no voice. No say. Nada.

Lutfur Rahman was also only elected on a 10% turnout after the "Muslim block vote [was] activated like never before" (according to Bodrul Islam). Executive Mayors are a bad idea at the best of time but in an area so divided by race and creed to have one person ruling all absolutely is a recipe for utter disaster.

Who is Lutfur Rahman? Lutfur Rahman has long been suspected of being a member of the Islamic Forum Europe. He denies this. Lutfur Rahman ran for election as an Independent after he was expelled from the Labour Party because of (alleged) close association with Islamic extremists in the IFE and serious allegations that he had paid for hundreds of members of the IFE to join Labour and thus ensure he was chosen as the Labour Party candidate. It didn't work, he was kicked out, but he ran as an Independent and won. It just goes to show that support for mainstream UK political parties amongst Muslims in Tower Hamlets is fluid. They support whoever will further their agenda.

The IFE has been exposed as an avowedly anti-democratic organisation that supports the establishment by force of a global Muslim "Ummah". Effectively this would be a fascist empire that would murder all those who did not follow its direction. Non-Muslims and dissident Muslims alike would be killed. People who support such a notion should be labelled fascists because there is no difference between this concept and the Third Reich (except perhaps for the fact that even Hitler did not seek to forcibly change everyone's religion nor conquer the whole globe).

The IFE is very strongly linked to a group called the Osmani Trust. During Lutfur Rahman's tenure as Leader of Tower Hamlets Council he gave £3million in local tax payers money to the East London Mosque to fund the building of the enormous "London Muslim Centre" where the IFE is now based. He also gave half a million to the Osmani Trust, a group that wants to take "ex gang leaders" off the streets and turn them into people who can, among other things, enforce Sharia Law amongst the local population; Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Great, so local thugs used to knifing people in the park will now be trained to patrol the streets telling women to wear a burha and all this is paid for by me, a local taxpayer. O super.

The people of Tower Hamlets face a real tyranny. Everything in this borough is being skewed towards the ever increasing empowerment and entrenchment of a radical Muslims. Not only has historic Spitalfields been renamed "Banglatown" but there are calls to rename other wards (because Christian names "offend"), local tube stations and even streets.

Local Muslims who stand in their way and advocate liberal or secular values are routinely threatened and intimidated. Local tax payers money (and remember there are hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims in the borough) is being gifted to exclusively Muslim organisations, often associated with the IFE. Under Lutfur Rahman's watch as Leader of the Council almost a million of public money was spent on building a Minaret on Brick Lane. Another million was going to be spent on "Hijab Shaped" Arches at either end of the street, symbolically and deliberately completing the visual ghetto-isation of the Bengali community. Ultimately this idiotic plan was shelved... but will probably be revived now Rahman is back in power.

Non-Muslims in Tower Hamlets are the heart and soul of London. This is the place where Jack the Ripper stalked. The home of the Kray Twins and other myths, stories and legends. But it is now all but lost. Every year more and more native Londoners flee this borough afraid of racist violence orchestrated against them by young Muslim thugs. The local police are powerless to intervene when faced with literally hundreds of rampaging youths acting with the tacit support of so-called community leaders, elders and local councillors. Over the past ten years a number of pubs have been firebombed (drinking is "haram") and non-Muslim politicians and even Church of England vicars violently assaulted for "apostasy".

Several young non-Muslim men have been murdered, often for allegedly being "gay". Many local Muslims despise Britain (yet live here) because we have a tolerant and inclusive society that excepts homosexuality and the sexual liberation of women. Attacking someone because you perceive they are "gay" is a convenient way of disguising blatant murderous racism with "homophobia". It is not an attack on one gay man but an attack on British society and values as a whole.

I despise racism. I despise anyone who hates someone else because of the colour of their skin. It is pathetic. We are all human beings. However, what I hate most about many of the local Muslims is their words and deeds. Their words are duplicitous and dishonest. Their deeds are dastardly and vicious. They want nothing more than to seize what is rightfully ours, our only and irreplaceable homeland, England, and with murderous violence enforce a fascist system of government where not even your thoughts would be your own. This is a mortal threat to every non-Muslim man, woman and child of our land. We must begin the fight back. We must at least challenge what has so-far been an easy walk over for them.

The non-Muslim population of Tower Hamlets, the Cockney Londoners who are still clinging on, need to know they are not alone. They feel very alone and very frightened.

Please show the Cockneys they are not alone. Thank you.

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