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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Guramit Singh's Report on the Peterborough EDL Demo

Peterborough was one of the best demos we have had. Our numbers were in the region of 1900 – 2200. The counter protesters numbers were around 150 – 200 (local constabulary figures). Cambridgeshire constabulary have confirmed there were a couple of minor incidents: 11 arrests in total and 5 of them were before the demo started; some members were carrying some sort of pyrotechnics.

We gained a huge amount of support from the general public and the local council, for once. All the local businesses were open as usual. And most of them embraced the EDL coming to town as they thought it would bump up local trade, which we did. There were a few businesses shut in the town, and this is due to them joining along with our march and demonstration. So a big thanks to the people of Peterborough - the EDL is right behind you.

But as we know, a demonstration is not a demonstration without a load of lies from our counter-demonstrators.

The UAF put out a farce of a statement saying that members of the Islamic community ‘ran’ the EDL out of town. Now I was at the whole demonstration from beginning to the end and even stayed for drinks after, and I don’t think that did happen, did it?? But just to be sure, I rang around my friends in the EDL and Peterborough division. Another no!! Then I thought id ring Mark Greenhouse, the senior negotiator of Cambridgeshire police I have been dealing with to organise this demo. Another no. I thought the local constabulary would have some sort of intelligence if this was true, but no!!

Then I thought I know what I can do, ill ring our contacts at Scotland Yard. If anyone’s going to know, it will be them. So I contacted Richard Gilbert at the Met, and to my surprise - another big fat NO!!! So then I thought I’d contact the press contacts I had made in Peterborough over the last few weeks. And guess what, another NO!!

O.k. let’s give them one more chance. If hundreds of members of the Islamic community did run members of our organisation out of Peterborough, there will definitely be something on YouTube. I mean this footage would be priceless to anyone, a bunch of Islamist cowards getting one over the ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE!!

But after hours of searching all I found was these videos of any altercation ever happening with members of the Islamic community and the EDL:

The rest of the videos I saw were ones of this so called ‘MDL’, advertising that they were again running the EDL out of town. And again more lies. The worst I saw was when 40-50 members of the MDL picked on a couple of EDL members. Like I said before – cowards.

These are their tactics of gaining support through lying and making members of their community believe them through the propaganda they so actively spread. This is starting to sound more and more like a certain violent doctrine I know of. It’s very easy for us to gather our members in each division around the country and attack members of any community. We are part of a grass-roots movement so large and strong, anything is within our capabilities. There is nothing out there that can match our strength. But we chose not to go down this route. The police are not at our demonstrations to protect us. They are there to make sure no harm comes to our counter protesters. But one promise I can make is that if any of our members are attacked like this again, we will act.

The fact of the matter is that the UAF lie to gain support because their numbers are diminishing rapidly. The MDL lie because that’s what their Quran tells them to do in non-Islamic lands, which Islam calls ‘land of war’. Members of their community are allowed to lie, cheat and steal to benefit themselves. But the wall they have run into here is that having resources like the Internet and Scotland Yard at our disposal. We can give the British public what they deserve: the truth.

Both of our counter-organisations are feeling emasculated from the effect our organisation has had on them. They can see the end is coming for them like the little light at the end of the tunnel. There is no reason to get into arguments with them. The truth always prevails. That’s why our organisation is so successful and theirs are diminishing. They are peasants compared to us. The MDL even copied our name - lol. These are members of the Islamic community that feel so passionately for what they stand for, not one of them could come up with an innovative notion for a brand for themselves. They look up to us and even duplicate our style of running an organisation - lol. It’s nice to be looked up to though.

The British public aren’t stupid. They know the truth: UAF and MDL’s filthy lies will not work. Honesty is a key element to our success.

God bless and No surrender

Guramit Singh
*) Editor's note: Wasn't that first video of Leicester?

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  1. Spot on Guramit,i agree it was one of our better demo's,And the likes of the uaf and the very scary mdl lol are losing ground because of the Edl.
    We have proved time and time again that we are here til the end,And more and more people are waking up to the harsh realities of Militant Islam because of all the hard work the edl has done since we were first formed,We can tell this in the East Anglian region by the vast ammounts of people enquiring and joining our various divisions.

    Keep up the good work,

    Ivan East Anglian Admin