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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gaza Has Nothing on This - the Fate of Christians & Hindus in Pakistan

To think that many of the Pakistani Muslims amongst us (in the UK) will be coming and going between this hell for non-Muslims, Pakistan, to here - to collect their benefits and make England as hellish as Pakistan.
Many British Pakistanis must know about all this. Indeed, many will be involved in the complete destruction of Pakistan's Christian, Hindu and Sikh communities... Yet they still speak of 'Islamophobia' towards them when their relations are killing Christians and burning down churches. Stop the hypocrisy!

Christian Beaten by Muslim Mob For Drinking Water, Man Suffers Broken Collarbone, Dislocated Shoulder
Christians detained and charged for Evangelizing in Pakistan

Christian Girl Raped by Muslim Landlord

5 killed in grenade attack on church in Islamabad

6 dead in Pakistan Christian school attack

3 killed in Christmas attack on church

Bahawalnagar man given death for blasphemy

16 Killed in Attack on Church in Pakistan

Pakistani Worshippers Attacked on Easter Sunday

Enraged Muslim Chops Off Christian's Arm

Pakistani Christian-Falsely Accused, Tortured and Murdered Protestors Take His Dead Body To The Streets In Protest

Another Christian Child Raped in Pakistan

Nine Year Old Christian Girl Sexually Assaulted as Punishment for War in Iraq
Pakistani Priest Gunned Down

Pakistani Christian dies of torture at hands of Islamists

Second Pakistani Christian tortured to death by police in four months

Christian persecution in Pakistan - Reports

55 year Christian mother Hanifan Bibi abducted, stripped and tortured in front of husband and sons by Muslim gangsters.

Christians besieged in Pakistan

Pastor and Driver Murdered in Pakistan and Multilated for Evangelising Muslims in Pakistan

2 Christians arrested for blasphemy charge, despite the lack of witnesses

2500 Strong Muslim Mob set alight 3 Churces, Christian School, Houses of Christian families and Priests

More blasphemy law violence against Christians in Pakistan

Pakistan Hindu girls forced to convert to Islam

Kidnap Hindu Girl, Force Marriage to Muslim: Pakistan

Pakistani Hindus victims of increasing intolerance

Hindu Families enslaved

Idols missing from Pak temples

Hindu temple in Lahore demolished

Pak Army To Raze Hindu Houses, Temple In Peshawar

242 Hindu Temples Destroyed/Damaged in Pakistan

Hindu Temple Desecration: Highly condemnable

Plight of Hindus in Sindh and Balochistan

Hindu Human Rights Report - Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan & Kashmir

Teenage Christian jailed for Blasphemy

Muslim Terrorists killed Christian Missionary, Raped their daugthers infront of parents and brutally killed their Sons

Drunken Muslim Mob Vandalizes Church

2 Christians get 15 years for burning Holy Quran

Pakistan Sentences Christian To Death For Blasphemy Against Islam

Pakistan Bomb That Killed 53 Aimed to Destroy Hotel

Taliban executes two Christians

Suspects in Rape of Christian girl cleared despite eyewitness accounts and medical evidence

One Woman Dead in Attack on Christians, Would-be rapist instigates attack in response to charges leveled against him.

Christian Charged with 'Blasphemy' for Text Message

Taliban Tells Pakistani Christians: Convert or Die

Muslims Ransack Historic Church

Taliban Strikes Christians With a Vengeance

Lawyer Threatens to Kill Christian Man Charged with ‘Blasphemy’, If He Is Not Found 'Guilty'

Spiralling Violence Targets Minority Christians, Sikhs and Hindus

Islamic Radicals Storm ‘Blasphemy’ Hearing Of a Christian Couple, Member Of Prosecution Team Threatens To Kill Wife

Taliban-Inspired Attacks Hit Christians, Jizye Tax Imposed

Muslim Mob Beats Christian Family with Sticks for Marrying Muslim Girl

Christian Brutally Clubbed to Death for Drinking Tea at 'Muslim-Only' Establishment

Christian Man Raped, Murdered for Refusing to Convert to Islam

Muslims Attack Pastor’s Home & Female Relatives

Muslim Forces 12-year-old Girl to Convert & Marry Him, Police ridicule Christian mother for kidnapping complaint

Church institutions threatened with bomb attack, Unless Christians Convert

11-year-old boy shot in the head while attending church

Parcel Bomb Critically Injures Atleast 10 Christians in Pakistan

Christian Cemetery Bulldozed & Church Building Confiscated by Pakistani Authorities

Pakistan Christian Journalist Facing Death Threats

Muslims Brutally Attack Teenage Co-Worker After Discovering he's a Christian

Police Torture & Brake Backbone of Christian Because His Father Preached Christ, Denied Medical Treatment

Battagram Hindus Told to Embrace Islam or Pay Tax

Muslim Mob of Thousands Gather. Acid thrown on Christian Women & Children. Hundred

Christian Churches & Homes Burned Down

Beheaded Polish Engineer's Refusal to Convert Costs Him His Life

16-Year-Old Christian Boy Tortured to Death by Pakistani Police

Christian Tortured and Beaten for Alleged 'Blasphemy' & Prison Besieged by Thousands of Furious Muslims, Calling For His Death

Police Brutalize Christian Men & Women After Robbing Their Homes

Pakistani Christians Excluded from Aid to Swat Refugees

Minority Rights Defender Joseph Francis, Victim of Islamists

Christian Shot Eight Times for Refusing to Pay Jizya

Hindus and Sikhs threatened by the Taliban and Sharia - pay ‘jizya’ for protection or leave

Muslims Loot & Burn 75 Christian Homes and 2 Churches, Over Alleged 'Blasphemy'

Eight Christians (Includind 4 Women & Child Aged 7) burned alive in Punjab, 20 Others Wounded

Angry Muslims Kill Three More over Alleged Qur'an Blasphemy

Muslim Mob Attacks Home of 60-Year-Old Woman in Another Islamic Supremacist “Blasphemy” Charge

Pregnant Christian Miscarries, After being Beaten & Dragged Naked Through a Police Station

Muslims Accuse Arrested Christian Teen of Rape, Then Change Their Story & Accuse Him of

Desecrating a Quran. Muslims Now Also Calling For His Death

Eight Christians kidnapped in Pakistan, Jizya May be Behind Abductions

Christians Arrested for Eating During Muslim Holiday

Six Christians Shot Dead by Muslims After Threats to “Convert to Islam or Die”

A Million Catholics Pray for Muslim Persecutors During Marian Festival in Mariamabad

5,000 Hindus Abandon Homes to Flee Forced Conversions, Kidnappings & Rape

Church Burned to the Ground by Muslim Mob

Young Christian Accused of Blasphemy, Tortured And Killed in Prison

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