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Monday, 13 December 2010

Everyone but the SWP/UAF Has 'False Consciousness'... even the Islamists!

The SWP-UAF believes that every non-Trot has "false consciousness" and also claims that "Islamophobia is useful for the authorities". Really? Which authorities? The police authorities in Birmingham backed down because of Muslim threats of "civil unrest" if they didn’t remove the CCTVs (which were being used in areas which had the highest rate of terrorist convictions in the UK)? Or the council authorities which will arrest you for farting outside a mosque and call it a "hate crime"? Or the numerous press authorities which will never criticise Islam, the Koran or Mohammed; though they do indeed criticise Islamic terrorists and Islamist militants – which is precisely what the Left means by an "Islamophobic media" – a media which dare criticise Islamist terrorists and militants, not ‘ordinary Muslims’.

Other Leftists also say that the "authorities like to keep their own populations worried". Not those mindless or brainless populations again! Why shouldn’t they be worried anyway? Why shouldn’t 9/11, Bali, Madrid, 7/7, Glasgow, Sweden - as well as the many other deaths which are due to the global jihad - worry people? If they aren't worth worrying about, what is? Oh yes! That’s right. The EDL are worth worrying about because of the many bombings and killings it's carried out. Yes, the EDL is far worse than the Taliban. Perhaps this is why SWP-UAF never offer us a single criticism of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, etc.; yet it has many blanket condemnations of all things ‘Western’ and ‘capitalist’. Why criticise the Taliban and al-Qaeda anyway? They're the mere mindless epiphenomena of "Western imperialism" and "Israeli crimes". And that’s why the Islamic jihad has been going on for over 1,400 years… Urm.

The SWP-UAF often cite more imperialist and capitalist epiphenomena – the rioting and belligerent French Muslims. It's not their fault that "they build barricades" and riot because, like the EDL, like the populations, they too are victims of something else. Only Leftists can truly think for themselves. The rest of us are mere stooges of "neo-liberalism" or Jews or capitalism or…. Except that the mindless EDL are castigated for being mindless. Mindless French Muslims aren't castigated.

Apparently Islamophobia has been "engendered from the top". I didn’t know that. Did you know that? I’m glad the Left has enlightened us ‘bout that cos they be wise, man. Anyway. I thought it was the Jews. Or the ‘neocons’. Or the ‘neoliberals’… All the people who think for the EDL and control the EDL; but don’t think or control the wise souls of the Left (such as Martin ‘Quasimodo’ Smiff). For the latter be wise and clever. The SWP all went to university, you know. Some even went to Balliol College, Oxford. How can they possibly be wrong about these things?

Perhaps it is the Trotskyists who really want to think for the EDL and others and control the EDL and others. Only they would substitute ‘Islamophobia’ with Trotskyism or Islamism. That would be good thought-control. You know, the kind the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party exercises over first-year university students from the Home Counties.

Of course, at other times it isn’t those ‘at the top’ who control the EDL’s thought processes, it’s the BNP. Oh well. As long the SWP-UAF doesn’t make the fatal mistake of thinking that the EDL and its members control their own thought processes. We couldn’t have that because that would mean that SWP-UAF members would actually need to engage or debate with the EDL and others. And if they did that, they'd be fucked!


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