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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ethnic Cleansing in Luton [video]

'Racial targetting...' 'Racial targetting...' By whom!? Which group is 'racially targetting' black and white Lutonians? The police and journalists never once say in these videos. Yet the black and white residents know exactly who is responsible - Muslim gangs! They are ethnically cleansing these areas of Luton in order to turn them into Dar al-Islam - the Abode of Islam. Clearly now they are part of Dar al-Harb - the Abode of War.
Why the hell don't the police and journalists mention the 'M'-word - Muslim?! The problems in Luton will never be solved by hiding from the truth or forever talking about Embracing Diversity or Community Cohesion.


  1. You are really stupid assholes,poor against the
    poor,and the rich are making good business with the "Islamists" and the high society of the "withe" english society,makes profits out
    of africa,india and islamic countrys and invites them to come to england to work for lower wages,and you get kicked out of your jobs.Its your withe ruling class who fucks you!
    Go against the withe ruling class,not the desperate and poor like you!!!! Paul

  2. You are the stupid asshole, Marziano. No doubt you are a thick commie who would prefer Lenin/Stalin.

    We don't need morons like you to tell us what is happening in our country. It's control freaks like you and your muslime fellow travellers that are the danger!