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Monday, 6 December 2010

English Defence League leader debates with Muslim 6th Dec 2010

The Muslim debating with Tommy Robinson clearly demands the impossible from Tommy. His basic point seems to be that you cannot criticise Islam unless you know everything about it - unless you are an Islamic scholar. The problem is that you can only become an Islamic scholar if you are a Muslim with an absolute dedication to Islam. Therefore criticism of Islam is rendered impossible in this Muslim's neat little world. (Robert Spencer and John Esposito are experts on Islam but not thereby Islamic scholars - though Esposito is drifting dangerously close to embracing Islam.)

On the other hand, if an Islamophile naively had said something positive about Islam (which he has been studying for the last six days), this Muslim would not have demanded any scholarship from him.

One other point. The Muslim on the video says that burying and stoning ended in the 7th century in the Islamic world (2 mins 47 secs). That is false. There are many videos of very recent stonings (last week) on YouTube. (See the image above as well.) This Muslim has used a tricky bit of Islamic taqiyya here. What Mohammed is claimed to have ended is burying women till they die. That may indeed have ended with Islam. However, the burying and then the stoning of women most certainly didn't. In fact, this Arab pagan tradition, exaggerated by Muslims, were superseded in evil by the even worse Islamic tradition of burying and then stoning.
He also says that sharia law will not impinge on non-Muslims. What crap! The Koran, for example, spends more time denigrating and examining the kuffar than any other subject. The Koran and the Hadith are obsessed with the kuffar. More than that, according to sharia law non-Muslims are explicitly given a Dhimmi status (which amounts to Islamic apartheid - as can be most clearly seen in Saudi Arabia today).
There is no way that full or complete sharia system can function alongside the kuffar unless they are given a subordinate or Dhimmi status. As the Koran repeats again and again: the very presence of non-Muslims being non-Muslims, as it were, will pollute the Islamic faith or worse.

A radio documentary for BBC Asian Network, reporter Catrin Nye interviewed the leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson and Mohammad Ayoub, a founder of Muslim youth magazine The Revival. In this interview Tommy stated that Shariah Law was barbaric and asked Mohammad Ayoub "Do women get put in a hole in [sharia law]." To which Ayoub replied: "That practice was stopped in the 7th century." A blatant lie! A lie direct from the Art of Taqiyya.

Never believe a word a Muslim says when he is defending or propagating Islam. Whether Muslims can be truthful in other areas is not something which concerns the EDL.

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  1. The muzzie says he wants to follow sharia law because it is "the correct way". He is implying that British law is not correct, for him. He is also saying sharia law and British law are incompatible. Despite his rictus grin, he was on the defensive from the word go!

    Tommy was so cool and the muzzie was jumping all over the place! NFSE!!