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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

EDL Open Letter to UAF/SWP

- By the EDL's Steven Freedom

Only the deluded now believe anything you [UAF/SWP] vile reprobates now represent. And what you represent is a deluded view of freedom. Someone who opposes your view is 'Nazi', 'fascist', 'racist'... Really. I mean really. You tell people that they all have a say in a democratic society. But when the upholders of your democratic right to disagree, disagree, you call them ‘Nazi’ – e.g., the EDL, the police and politicians. And you advocate violence.. Well, well. Was Churchill correct in pointing out that today’s fascists will be the anti-fascists of the future, as they see race in everything? Get a grip 'n' grow up.

As for Bolton - pathetic. Should have banned the lot of you. Traitors to democracy. Don’t you see we have the right to protest under the law? My - and probably your - grandfathers fought to keep that right from Nazi tyranny. And now you say I am a 'Nazi' for speaking my mind. No. You, my deluded country folk, are the deluded Nazis. I can, and will, say what I choose. If I offend, I will not say sorry; as in a democracy it is your right to be offended. If you don’t like the right to offend and be offended, without the right to recourse, then use your democratic right to leave England. No one is stopping you - honestly we are not. Before you call me any racist Nazi name - my grandfather fought the Hitlerites and my kids are of Asian decent.

So chew on that - you vile excuse for a free-thinking human.

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