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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The EDL is 'Fascist'?...

- By the EDL's jeceris

This label, "fascist" that is put on the EDL is used to portray us as bogey-men, right-wing extremists, etc. The term, ‘fascist’ is used as a distraction by leftist-dhimmis to sex-up their case against the sort of free-speech they abhor. We in the EDL have had to suffer this insult each and every time we demonstrate or air our views in the media.

Essentially, and in my humble opinion, the EDL materialised because of the failed experiment that is/has been multiculturalism. This whittling-down of our identity and what it means to be British or English. Our proud nationalism shot-down by the liberal-left and others of that ilk who have set themselves up as apologists for our pioneering, past history.

The Left just don't get it, do they? The same failure of Liberalism is evident in Western-Europe where the dogma of this Multicultural-Experiment has left a secular Europe, and Britain in particular, very slow to address the looming problem of religious-extremism among its immigrants.

The people who speak most sensibly, and openly, about the threat that Islam poses to Europe and Britain, are, actually, the EDL! So let's look beyond the label, the terminology; sticks 'n' stones may break....etc., and be un-afraid to stand up for what we believe in. Let the lefties, the cultural-apologists and the rest of those who'd rejoice in our silence, say what they like because the cause of the EDL is a proud one. Let Britannia Waive The Rules.

England Expects!

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  1. At least the lefty "friends" of the islamic crocodile will be eaten FIRST!!

    "There are a couple of interesting things to notice about this news item from the

    Netherlands. First of all, it demonstrates that the hard-left Greens and Socialists are not being given a free pass by Muslim fanatics, not at all. Femke Halsema, a Green politician, has withdrawn her children from a culturally enriched school after a pious Muslim in Rotterdam threatened her daughter."