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Friday, 17 December 2010

An EDL History Lesson: The Bradford Muslim Riots of 2001

This riot wasn't really a reaction to a handful of National Front. It was all about Muslim youths, sometimes fired-up by the SWP and other leftists, showing their power and presence to the infidel authorities.
Riots occur almost every day somewhere in the Muslim world. Pakistan has a riot almost every week - and most Bradford Muslims are descended from Pakistanis and still visit that violent hell on a frequent basis.
Violence is how Islam expresses itself. To Muslims, jihad is the physical and political expression of Islam, whether that be riots, assasinations, military conflicts, the Narco-Jihad, destroying infidel girls through drugs and prostitution, or suicide bombs.


  1. The so-called "community leaders"!! They are nothing of the sort: they are there to press the muslims demands and use the scum youth as their enforcers!

    It was all planned by muzzies. This is WAR! What don't they understand?

    And they blame - the "far right" who were not even there!

  2. I can totally believe what you're saying there. The loony traitor lefties are also to blame too . The authorities will NEVER blame the pakistanis in any way as they're scared of being called racist.