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Friday, 10 December 2010

The Conquest of the West?

- By the EDL's Fritz

How true is this phrase? -

Those who do not learn from History are condemned to repeat it.

Hold that phrase in your mind and think of this:

"Francisco Pizzaro the Spanish Conquistador, who conquered the Inca Empire of 30 million people with just 2 boatloads of Spaniards. 632 Spanish soldiers of fortune against 30 million Incas, who had a standing army of 400,000 soldiers."

How on earth was that possible? How could just 632 men bring down a civilization of 30 million?

The answer is that by making alliances with subversive elements within the Inca Empire he encouraged the Incas to conquer themselves. And then he took over and the Inca Civilization was no more.

Islam has the oil revenue at it's disposal and is making alliances with our subversive elements:

1. The media
2. The Government
3. The Left
4. Converting prisoners in the Jails

Islam has 31 Million people in Europe and they are going to do to European Civilization what
Francisco Pizzaro did to King Atahualpa and his Incas.

The implications for the future of Europe are so profound that we are going to find ourselves going the way of the Incas.

We can only survive by standing with the other Nationalist peoples of Europe

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