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Thursday, 2 December 2010

5 Christians Murdered in a Week under Pakistan's Blasphemy law

That is, five Christian Pakistanis murdered for Islamophobia. That is, for practising Christianity in the presence of Muslims (even if not intentionally). We too have a blasphemy law. It goes by the name: The Religious and Racial Hatred Act of 2006.

It is ironic that most of the Muslims in the UK who complain about 'Islamophobia' and discrimination will be from Pakistani backgrounds. That means that they will often be going to Pakistan (to visit family) and witnessing gross acts of Christianophobia and then coming back to the UK and complaining about Islamophobia.

The difference is that not a single Muslim has been killed in the UK for being a Muslim. Not a single mosque has been burned down. Not a single British law discriminates against Muslims - in fact, exactly the opposite.

So maybe Christianophobia, and the terrible situation for Christians in Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, the Sudan, Bradford, etc. should be discussed at the forthcoming Stop Islamophobia Conference in London on the 11th of December. But, of course, it won't be because Christianity is an Oppressor religion and most Christians are white. Who knows, perhaps the far left classes brown Pakistani Christians as 'white', just as they do brown and black Israelis. That is 'white' (even if brown) = Oppressor. Welcome to far-left logic and ethics.


- From Atlas Shrugs

Repeal these Islamic laws (sharia) and begin prosecuting the Muslims who are murdering Christians to the fullest extent of Western law. That or we should destroy their nuclear facilities and cut all aid (under the next President, because Hussein ain't going to do jack.)

Perhaps Judge La-la La-Grange needs a vacay to such a place as the Muslim country of Pakistan. Yes, indeed. What better place to rouse her from her imaginary land of make believe. Judge LaGrange declared that Shariah law “lacks a legal character” and “is not law." Tell that to the tens of thousands of dead non-Muslims, women, children, et al.

Pathetic excuse for a judge.

5 Christians Murdered in a week under Pakistan's Blasphemy law hat tip Danielle

Pakistan (MNN) ― Muslim extremists are blamed for the murders of five Christians in Pakistan in less than a week.

Greg Musselman, spokesman for Voice of the Martyrs Canada, says 22-year-old Latif Masih was shot to death shortly after he was granted bail in a "blasphemy" case. He was accused in early November under Law 295c -- the infamous "Blasphemy Law" in which the two militants claimed he burnt pages of the Qur'an.

On November 18, Masih's accusers caught up with him and shot him to death near his home in Godhpur, village 111 kilometers (69 miles) northeast of Lahore. Days earlier, on November 12 in southern Punjab Province, police say Lashkar-e-Taiba militants killed four family members because of their Christian faith.

There are concerns that the violence against Christians will continue. The marked increase in these cases has created a renewed call by human rights watchdog groups for an end to the blasphemy law. The support couldn't come at a better time. Musselman says, "Christians are always under this kind of law. In recent days, it's received international attention because of some of the other cases that are happening. The international community is saying, ‘This is ridiculous. You can't have these kinds of laws.' There's a lot of pressure that I believe will be put on Pakistan."

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