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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Zionists. Zionists. Zionists. Zionists... Islamic Political Theory or Psychotic Monomania?

Countering Islamophobia: A Political Action Plan (Revised, Less Radical Version)
This is a less radical version of the original plan of action. We intend to maintain both versions.
Note: This plan is being constantly updated. Last updated: 11/17/2010Meinhaj Hussain

Muslims in the West are facing a rising tide of Islamophobia. This backlash is fuelled by tragic recent events and sustained propaganda from the Zionist press. Our response has been fragmented and erratic, rather than coherent and systematic. This paper outlines a plan of action that can overcome the shortcomings of our responses.

Defining the Enemy

Our persecutors and opponents are numerous, yet there is a clearly identifiable source of the propaganda and action against us. Of our many opponents, the Zionists are the main source of Islamophobia and act as the primary instigators. All other efforts, branch from this source. The Zionist challenge can broadly be divided into Zionist media and political organizations. Let us consider each in turn.

Media Organizations

The mass media is the central component of raising hysteria and creating propaganda against Muslims. Virtually all mass media outlets have been taken over and / or severely infected by Zionists. Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. is a central concern.

Political Organizations

While the mass media generates Islamophobia and sets the tone for oppressing Muslims, other organizations use this hysteria to support political actions against Muslims. Some major Zionist organizations playing this role include: American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), Jewish Defence League (JDL), Anti Defamation League (ADL) and B’nai B’rith.

Within the US government, a group of Zionists manage the White House led by Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel. Most departments have been infiltrated, although occasionally the Department of State civil servants show some resistance. The FBI has its hands tied as The Department of Justice (DOJ) will not take any action against Zionists apprehended by them. The DOJ has been compromised thanks to the Sayanims within. As a result, the FBI has simply stopped taking action - even against Israeli agents caught posing as the FBI (Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer).

Homeland Security is a key vehicle for institutional oppression of Muslims and this role can only expand in the future. AIPAC is bankrolling the legislature by utilizing funds from Zionist international bankers and grassroots funding from B’nai B’rith. The CIA has been affected through career-end funding of retiring officers for business opportunities by Zionist venture capitalists and other Zionist investment organizations (See End Note 1). There are reports of the NSA being affected. However, these last reports are less substantiated.

What Do They Want?

What are these Zionist and allied organizations trying to achieve? Firstly, they wish to continue the war against Palestinians, seeking to eventually

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  1. While muslims continue and upgrade their attacks on British people,(and all other non-muslims world-wide) they also use the Jews as their, traditional, scapegoat, accusing them of doing what the muscum ARE actually doing!

    If we Jews were so powerful, muslims would be confined to the countries they have conquered and not allowed to leave them!