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Monday, 15 November 2010

UK: Jewish Establishment Turns Back on E.D.L.

- From the blog: Israel and Beyond

A new "group" was recently formed by the British Board of Jewish Deputies, Holocaust Information Campaign, CST and the Israeli Embassy, among others, "to combat Jewish support for the English Defence League within the community".

Jewish Kameradschaftspolizei leadership in the UK have declared war on the pro-Israel, counter-jihad group, the English Defense League. This just after the massive EDL demonstration in support of Israel. I have wrestled with the Jewicides at the CST, et al, so it is not surprising to see the usual humilated suspects prostrating themselves to Islamic supremacists, but what turned my head is "Israeli Embassy." Could this be true? Does the Israeli government know?

I have for years reported on the vile Jew hatred on display in front of the Israeli embassy in the UK by the very enemy the EDL marches against. Last year I posted video and pictures of Muslims attacking policemen (while screaming "allahu akbar" "Kuffaaaaaar!" and "run you fucking cowards") who were escorting them to the Israeli embassy, where they terrorized and tried to break through the gates to attack the Jews.

What have the British Board of Jewish Deputies, Holocaust Information Campaign, CST and Israeli Embassy done to address the violence, Jew bashing, and antisemitism of devout Islam?

The only explanation I have for this illogical and seemingly self destructive behavior is that the Jews have not yet begun to internalize or intellectualize the very idea of working in their own self interest. They never had a "self interest." They were slaves for 400 years, and their base instinct is survival.


  1. The CST is a joke. A pathetic and idiotic joke. I have not seen one single volunteer of the CST actually guarding the Ahava shop during the night, or protecting Jews anywhere else. All they do is "pose" outside synagogues in Golders Green, Hendon, etc.. trying to look like Mossad agents. They make me laugh everytime I see them.

    The British Board of Jewish Deputies (Again, a useless organization) was caught red handed drinking champagne with representatives of the Islamo-fascist countries that ask for the death of Israel, in a party to comemorate the anniversary of the organization.

    I was sick when I saw that. They were cajooling with those anti-semitic scum.

    So, as far as CST and BOD are concerned, they are the dhimmified scum that PRETENDS to help Jews but do NOTHING. One can demand to see actual proof of their actions in "saving" Jews from anti-semitism and you will find nothing.

    Furthermore I doubt that the Israeli Embassy is in this irrational and deluded "coalition". They would not be that stupid.

    As for the ZF, I have information that the new DHIMMI - Islamo-fascist doormat "chairman" Harvey Rose, signed this "pledge" but the majority of the people in the ZF disagree with him. After all the ZF is NOT ZIONIST at all as it seems, but a DHIMMIFIED organization that is ready to submit to Islamo-fascism terrorism and intimidation, while betraying every single member of that group.

    Things are not looking good for this "so-called Jewish leadership"!
    These guys could not even lead a bunch of monkeys!!

    The EDL Jewish Division is the Jewish leadership.

  2. "The only explanation I have for this illogical and seemingly self destructive behavior is that the Jews have not yet begun"

    -- insert/replace: a small minority of Jews are unable..