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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Today's EDL Demo at Nuneaton

Today’s Nuneaton EDL demo was one of the best I’ve been too. A great turnout. Probably 1,500 or more (though Central Today said 1,000).

The EDL were very well behaved, which can’t be said for the UAF/SWP/Islamist counter-demo. They chucked fireworks and bottles over at the EDL demo and the police still spent all their time keeping the EDL 'under control'. After all, it is the EDL which threatens to kill British soldiers and blow up infidels if they don’t Embrace Diversity… sorry, Embrace Islam, isn't it?

We marched for about half a mile, which contributed to the trouble-free day. Marching really helps ease things, as we have known since the EDL demo in Newcastle. We even marched past the UAF/SWP/Islamist demo.

Can you imagine? The Trotskyite and atheistic SWP/UAF demonstrating alongside a large gang of Islamists shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’? The irony is incredible. The Islamists are using the useful idiots of the SWP/UAF. And the SWP/UAF is using the useful idiots who are Muslims and Islamists. But who will win out in the end? Without a doubt: the Muslims and Islamists! Who knows, in ten years time the Islamists may be putting the atheistic Trots up against the wall and shooting them. But way before that, in the next five years or so, the Islamists will begin to deal with the non-Muslim 'anti-fascist alliance'. In fact, George Allahway has already tasted Islamist 'oppression'.

The majority on the Nuneaton shoppers appreciated what the EDL was doing. There were no scared or fearful faces (the sort highlighted, falsely, by the press when the EDL had a ‘flash demo’ in Wolverhampton). Many shoppers and spectators listened intently to what the speakers were saying; especially when hearing about our soldiers being abused by Islamists and forgotten about by the British Government.

There were no boos from Nuneatonians. All the aggression and insults and Allahu Akbars came from the UAF/SWP/Islamists, most of the anti-fascists, of course, are from London – they are the real ‘outsiders’, not the EDL.

One of the speakers today was a Pakistani Christian who has made her home in the UK. She graphically told us, in stuttering English, of the Islamic hell for Christians in Islam. A speech about church-burning, general persecution and forced conversions – the sorts of things the SWP/UAF and anti-fascists claim to be against – but not when the Oppressor is Muslim and brown. Such shallow people.

At the end of the demo, we had a sense that the EDL really is on the up; which is not bad, since it’s been on the up since its inception. If anything, the EDL’s popularity is increasing day by day. Especially since Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) dared to burn poppies on the streets of London. People are beginning to say: Perhaps the EDL have got something. Perhaps they are telling us the unvarnished truth – which often hurts. Many people are certainly coming to realise that the EDL is neither racist nor fascist – then again, only Trotskyists and Islamists use those insults against the EDL – no one else believes their Marxist and Islamist nonsense.

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