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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Those Who Lead Unite Against Fascism (UAF)

The chairman of UAF is the left-wing politician Ken Livingstone. He's well-known for supporting red fascists, Islamo-fascists (such as Yusuf Al-Qaradawi) and any other brown extremist he can lay his hands on.

Red Kenneth used to focus on other "identity groups" like lesbians and gays until he realised that his new-found reactionary Muslim friends wanted to kill them.

UAF joint secretary, Weyman Bennet, is a well-known anti-racist and anti-Semite who’s been classed as ‘mad’ by his fellow Leftists. He once said that "Jews should go back to New York" – even though many Israeli Jews (or their ancestors) have been in the Middle East for over two thousand years. He's also on the Central Committee of the red-fascist group, the Socialist Workers Party.
Another leader of UAF, Martin Smith, is also the National Secretary of the SWP. However, UAF has said that it has no connection to the SWP despite the fact that nearly every one of its leaders is a member of the SWP and most of its activists are members of the SWP as well. It must also be noted that the SWP produces UAF’s banners and arranges just about everything it does, including UAF’s coffee mornings.

Despite all that, the UAF stresses that many of ‘signatories’ and ‘members’ aren't SWP members. They include Sir Teddy Taylor (who likes Bob Marley and other black-type musicians) and David Cameron (who once smoked a joint but didn’t inhale). Because they're signatories and members, rather than activists, they don't do much, or anything, for UAF other than appear on its website. It's also rumoured that Sir Teddy Taylor thinks that UAF is a reggie band. As for Cameron, some say that he ‘supports UAF because, like everyone else, he's against ‘Islamophobia’ and that "a million Muslim votes will also come in handy". Another signatory is the Holocaust survivor Henry Guterman. This works well for the UAF image of anti-Semitism, despite the earlier remarks.

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  1. I complained to Tory Party HQ about Cameron's support of the UAF, and they said he doesn't. They said they despise the UAF as much as anyone, but they can't regulate their website.
    I know it sounds feeble, but I'm just relaying the excuses they gave.