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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

'TAXPAYERS are forking out thousands of pounds for ­renovations to terror ­ preacher Abu Hamza’s £600,000 home'

Nothing surprises me about how terrorists are treated here – whether home-grown ones or outsiders like Abu Hamza.

Collectively, the Government has embarrassed itself about these things many times before, such as forming ‘research groups’ or ‘think tanks’ which contained Islamic extremists who were more radical that those being investigated This sort of thing happened with the founding of the Muslim Council of Britain in 1998 – this being the best-known balls-up.

A lot of this has to do with how our top civil servants believe that if we make the Islamists sandwiches and play cricket with them, as well as hint at a major political change in Israel, then the Muslims will change because of the niceness shown to them. That is, by being nice to Muslims we will defeat radical Islam. What they are essentially doing is judging these Muslims as being like them – like 'us'. This is completely wrong. It is a kind of English racism which simply assumes that everyone on the planet, from Borneo head-hunters to Abu Hamza, just need a bit of love and tenderness. Then, who knows, these Islamists might join the Church of English and everyone can be nice together; with the Arsebishop of Canterbury holding a service of multicultural niceness.

If Islamists, and many Muslims, despise our kuffar system it is not surprising that not only will they want to destroy us physically, but they will also abuse our benefits system; and they may well see this Koranically - as ‘booty from the conquered kuffar’.

Who cares if Abu Hamza becomes stateless – he can swim, can’t he?


- 7th November 2010, by Dominic Lemanski, from the Daily Star

Town hall chiefs are paying an ­estimated £10,000 to have the Islamic bigot’s council home underpinned.

Hamza and his brood have already cost the British state more than £3.5million in benefits and prison and legal bills.

The housing payout shock comes after the hook-handed cleric won the right to keep his British ­citizenship. That victory raised fears he will be successful in his fight to avoid extradition to the US to face terror ­charges.

The former nightclub ­bouncer turned Islamic ­radical is currently in ­maximum-security ­Belmarsh Prison after ­being convicted of ­inciting murder and ­racial hatred in 2006.

Meanwhile his wife Najat Chaffe and her six children still live in their Shepherds Bush home, netting £680 a week in ­benefits.

But that has not stopped the greedy ­extremist – who is ­currently serving a seven-year sentence – from receiving thousands of pounds of extra cash to pay for extensive works to fix the rotting ­foundations at the five-bedroom home in West London.

Last night no one at ­Hammersmith and Fulham Council was available for ­comment. But a spokes-woman for the TaxPayers’ ­Alliance said: “Taxpayers will be ­incensed to hear that thousands are ­being spent on this hate preacher’s home while ordinary families struggle for cash.
“It’s bad enough that the British ­public may be stuck with this venomous ­character for good.

“But it’s a real slap in the face to have to fund ­large-scale house renovations for someone whose racist ravings were inciting murder.

“It’s a shame that having ­already landed the taxpayer with a hefty legal and benefits bill, this man can siphon yet more money from the public purse.”

The latest work on the Hamza home follows council-funded renovations in 2005, which cost a whopping £10,000.

Then, under the local ­authority’s programme of improvements to its ­properties, Mrs Hamza a­nd her brood benefited from a new kitchen, bathroom and boiler.

Last week Hamza won a ­vital battle in his bid to ­remain in the UK.

The Home Secretary was told the rabble-rouser cannot be stripped of his British ­citizenship because he would be left “stateless”.

The decision means if 52-year-old Hamza wins his appeal to the European Court against extradition to the United States he will be ­entitled to remain here.

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