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Monday, 1 November 2010

The Real Hamas [video]

This is the real Hamas. Not the Guardian’s Hamas or the Leftist’s Hamas – seen as the fighters of the Oppressors and the true voice of the Palestinian people.

The true Hamas probably kills as many Palestinians as the Israelis – just as Jordan and Syria have done in the past.

These people were voted in under restrictive practices. No party could have wanted peace with Israel. No party could have been non-Muslim in nature. All this was above and beyond the daily acts of violence against those who criticise or act against the party line of Hamas. Hamas also has a ‘vice police’ Perhaps that’s them in the video. These people kneecap homosexuals and brutalise unmarried couples who are found together in the street.

And then the 2007 coup came. This finished the job of creating a one-party state. That is, they fought street battles with Fatah and other rival groups. They won these battles and now have complete control of Gaza. Next they will be looking towards the West Bank, to Fatahstan, and will be hoping that too will simply become a part of a larger Hamastan.

As for violently stopping a wedding event because of its use of music. Well, I hate to say it, but Hamas are right about this, Islamically speaking. Mohammed did frequently speak out against music when he was alive. And that anti-music tradition has carried on – right up to Hamas in Gaza. The Iranian first Ayatollah also once said that ‘there can be nothing which is fun within that which is serious [Islam]’. Yes, we’ve worked that out.

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