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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

'Police team up for top award after EDL rally' [from: Bolton News]

Why don't communities just 'come together', instead of having council bureaucrats and jobsworthers pushing it on the community? Maybe we need Community Cohesion enablers because there is no community cohesion between Muslim ghettoes and the rest. Thus we are force-fed Community Cohesion, which really means Muslim supremacism and separatism.

What the corbett does 'Diversity in Action' freaking mean? I just can't get my head around it. 'Diversity in Action'? Is that a Private Eye joke or something? It must be. This little world of PC purists and pietists trying the very hardest to impose their sick little dreams on the rest of the community. You know, the community which knows that 'Community Cohesion' is just an euphemism for 'sucking Islamist dick'.


-3rd November 2010, from the Bolton News

A TEAM of Bolton police officers have been nominated for a national award for the work they did in the run up to a controversial rally held by the English Defence League (EDL).

Greater Manchester Police’s Bolton Division created a Community Implementation Team when it learned that the EDL was planning to use the town to stage one of its protests in March.

A rival rally was held by Unite Against Fascism and the day saw thousands of protesters flooding into the town, leading to more than 70 arrests for a number of offences.

The team has now been nominated for the Diversity in Action Award at the Jane’s Police Review Gala Awards in London tomorrow.

The citation for the award reads: “When it emerged that the English Defence League planned rallies in the diverse multi-cultural town of Bolton, the team introduced a new ‘community mediator’ role and mediation teams.

“The mediator’s job was to work with community members and identify vulnerable hotspots where violence was likely, while 23 teams would be located at strategic routes during the marches to act as quick response in case of any violence.

“The force now plans to build on this model for future operations.”

Chief Superintendent Steve Hartley, who leads the Bolton Division, said: “I would like to congratulate all the officers and staff who were involved with this operation.

“I would also like to say that although this is an award nomination for the police, this work couldn’t have been done without our partners and people who worked closely with us from the local community. This was a typical Bolton family effort and I want to thank everyone for their contribution.”

Last year Bolton bobby PC Bob Varley was nominated for the Community Police Officer of the Year Award at the London ceremony, alongside 45 other officers.

He was nominated after work with young people, raising money for Bolton Hospice and bringing local communities together.

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  1. "A national award for the work they did in the run up to a demonstration". Hmm.

    Can we now expect awards for police, in the run up to attending a crime scene, in the run up to visiting a mosque, in the run up to being buggered by the local imam??