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Sunday, 7 November 2010


When I lived in Keighley, there simply must have been strong illegal connections between the police and the drug-pushing, pimping Muslim community. Nothing else can explain the fact that there was a don’t-touch-Muslims police policy in the area. Not only that. There were scores of young Muslim lads, ostensibly unemployed, driving around in flash, expensive cars. I wonder where they got the money from? Again, the police never touched them. Now they either didn’t touch them because of political correctness or because of police corruption (or both!).

I know for a fact that the police in Keighley knew about an owner of a taxi firm and crack-pusher. His name was Said. Everyone knew he was a big boy in the drugs industry – and that includes the police.

Another time a pub I was in suddenly had loads of missiles coming through the windows. A large Muslim gang was outside. We tried to protect ourselves because the police were nowhere to be seen – not for over half an hour! When the police finally came, one of them said to me: ‘We can’t touch the Muslims.’

The other point that’s worth making is that Hafiz, as a Muslim, probably had zero respect for the Kuffar System and the kuffars he was selling drugs to. Most Muslims are brought up to see all non-Muslims as ‘cattle’, as the Koran and the New Statesman’s editor call us. This is not a very healthy attitude for a copper – or for anyone.


- Nov6, 2010, the Express, by Andy Russell

Salim was regarded as a 'copper's' cop' and Hafiz, right, kidnapped a rival drug dealer.

A RESPECTED police sergeant who led a secret double life as the head of a ruthless underworld crime family faces a jail sentence.

Corrupt Salim Razaq, 31, became a “mob boss in police uniform” after assuming control of a drug and money laundering racket.

He took over when his younger brother Hafiz was jailed for six years for kidnapping a rival drug dealer.

Colleagues regarded Razaq as a “copper’s cop” but had no idea he had turned his home into a gangland headquarters where he stored sub-machine guns.

He was caught after officers listened in on prison telephone conversations between him and Hafiz, 25. They were heard talking about a key kidnap witness “being taken care of”.

Police raided Salim’s home in Preston, Lancs, and found three sub-machine guns, 224 live rounds of ammunition, £72,000 cash plus a knuckleduster, balaclava and bulletproof jacket. There was a “tick list” of names and cash amounts believed to refer to drug deals and contacts.

Salim, based at Nelson, Lancs, joined the force in 2001. As he was being promoted, Hafiz – known as “The Enforcer” – rose through the ranks of a Preston drugs gang.

The former sergeant, fired from his £32,000-a-year job, was yesterday remanded in custody at Liverpool Crown Court after admitting misconduct in a public office, perverting the course of justice, possession of firearms and ammunition and money laundering. His mother Gulsham, 58, admitted perverting the course of justice. Hafiz admitted perverting the course of ­justice and money laundering. They will all be sentenced later.

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