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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

'Police on alert over possible Birmingham terror attack' [from: Birmingham Mail]

[The Birmingham Mail article follows the comment; after the dotted line.]

I know. Because of the higher threat of Islamoterrorist attack, let’s take down all the remaining CCTVs in Sparkhill, Sparkbrook, etc. After all, they only alienate the bombers and the Islamists. And as we all know, Islamoterrorists and Islamists stop being nasty killers when you are nice and civil to them. If we liaised with them. Perhaps let them build bigger and more mosques. Perhaps allow full sharia law in Sparkbrook, etc. Oh, I nearly forgot. Let’s pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq. And then the Big One. Let create a two-nation state in Palestine and Israel. That will sort everything out, I believe.

Except for the American ‘presence’ in Saudi Arabia. And the re-conquest of Andalusia (Spain). And the fact there will still be numerous states which are non-Islamic.

Perhaps we should give the Islamists and the Islamoterrorists everything they want. Then we’ll have peace. The peace provided by the global submission to Allah.

Yes; the peace of the Grave.

- Oct 31 2010, from the Birmingham Mail

POLICE armed response vehicles are patrolling 24 hours-a-day around Birmingham after intelligence chiefs warned of a Mumbai-style terror attack on the city.

The West Midlands force has DOUBLED the number of armed officers in the city, TREBLED the armed vehicles on patrol and deployed specialist marksmen trained to carry out “head shots” on terrorist gunmen.

The move comes after a Birmingham man was killed in the Al Qaeda heartland of North West Pakistan last month, leading to fears that he was at the centre of a terror cell intent on copying the Mumbai attacks by targeting hotels in European cities.

More than 170 people were shot dead in the 2008 Indian terror atrocity after heavily armed militants took over two five-star hotels.

Preparations by cops for a similar attack in Birmingham were revealed last night by a senior police source.

“Top-ranking members of the firearms team were called down to London two weeks ago for a COBRA meeting to discuss the threat of terrorists laying siege to a city as they did in Mumbai,” he said.

“The police have received information from Pakistan that a similar attack in this country would most likely happen in Birmingham, London, Leeds or Manchester. They fear an attack on a major hotel, just like in Mumbai, but it could happen anywhere in the city.

“The response has been to step things up in Birmingham.

‘‘Usually there is only one Armed Response Vehicle on patrol, but now there are three patrolling the city at all times – they’re on the move 24 hours-a-day.

“On top of that, there are two specially equipped Land Rovers staffed with armed officers, and at least one specialist trained to take head shots, just like an army sniper.

“Tactical firearms experts have also been deployed and, despite what the Government says about budget cuts, there have been no qualms about handing out plenty of overtime for this.

“Force bosses have doubled the number of firearms officers, and they’ve been given MP5s and Glock handguns – very advanced weaponry usually just for troops.

“They are becoming more like mini-army squadrons than police units.”

The Indian financial capital of Mumbai was bought to its knees by the three-day terror attack, which killed 173 people and injured more than 300 others.


  1. Ace commentary!! Is Birmingham in the West Midlands? I bet the police are out guarding mosques and muslims!!!

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