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Monday, 29 November 2010

Nick Lowles under police investigation for incitement?


From the British Democracy Forum, by HFTF

Nick Lowles, of Hope not Hate(Searchlight), gave a running commentary on the EDL demo in Preston, and the march in Nuneaton, on twitter yesterday.

Lowles's description of what he claimed was happening in Preston, as he put his comments on Twitter, resembled a bloodbath, given what he was saying in his comments.

Here are just a few examples:

''Real trouble is breaking out in Preston. There are two groups of EDL, one, in the main square of 6-800 and then a second group of 200. Both are fighting with everyone. This is the worst trouble we've seen at an EDL demo''


''The EDL in Preston are still fighting''


''Word is coming in that there is going to be an EDL demo in Whitechapel at 5pm today in protest at a Hate Crimes conference. I don't have any more details but if anyone out there has any information please let me know at nick@''

Lowles twitter remarks, gives the apperance that there was blood flowing through the sreets of Preston.

Here is what Lancashire police said:

..''there were minor scuffles among EDL demonstrators but the day was "relatively incident-free".

There were a few bangers let off in Preston, and a pink smoke 'bomb'. Hardly the riot Lowles was trying to say was happening. In fact, a few people noticed that the times of some of Lowles comments on Twitter, did not match events in Preston. A clear indication he was making it up as he went along.

Lowles knows Twitter can be seen on mobiles by people at or near the demo, as well as local Muslims, with Preston having a large Muslim population.

Was Lowles deliberately trying to kick things off in Preston by lying in his comments on Twitter? It does give the apperance of doing so. Why else was he lying, but to ratchet tensions up further in Preston at the actual time of the EDL demo.

Regards his comments on twitter of an EDL demo in Whitechapel, it never happened. I don't doubt some Muslims believed the EDL were in Whitechapel, and were out in force. After Lowles lies on twitter, Whitechapel for a short time would have been a risky place to be for any young white male, with nothing to do with the EDL.

Hence, the reason there have been a number of reports of complaints to the police, regards Lowles lying commentary on twitter, regarding the Preston EDL demo, 'as it happened'.

If anyone wishes to complain about Lowles, please do so to the Lancashire police.

1 comment:

  1. Hope Not Hate & Nick Lowles were told ALL ABOUT Choudray's conference in Whitechapel, because one of the muslim speakers had himself spent 4 years in prison for inciting others to murder Jews and Hindus, others had called for gay people to be stoned to death, and yet another was a convicted terrorist.

    Nick Lowles group deleted the information about the conference, and then Lowles pretends that he knows nothing about it and that it is is some "Hate Crimes conference".

    What Choudary was proposing was very likely a conference promoting hatred & Lowles pretends it's the opposite.

    HNH seems hell-bent on fomenting riots, and doesn't seem to care if it is muslims, non-muslims or the police who get killed.