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Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Names and Faces of the Muslim Poppy Burners

[Immediate left: Abu Ubaidah is the one in the middle trying to catch jet planes in his mouth.]

Some of the Muslims behind the Muslims Against Crusades poppy-burning protest have been named and shamed. Except… they won’t beashamed. They’ll probably be quite proud. Anjem Choudhry, despite the fake piety, is basically an exhibitionist. And have you noticed how these MAC guys love to dress up? What they wear is a fashion. Not fashionable, but still Islamist fashion (like the burka, which goes all the way back to Saudi Arabia in the early 1970s). Such as head scarves, Arafat/Palestinian scarves, Arabic pyjamas, ponytails, long dresses, etc. They love the limelight and like to impress the Muslimamammas.

If you remember, Islam4UK was banned. Out of it this cesspit grew the disease MAC. Muslim groups are always reforming under different names – a bit like SWP-cum-UAF-cum-Counterfire-cum-Respect, etc. This name-changing business seems to work because even though Islam4UK was banned, MAC isn’t banned – yet it’s basically the same group!

Now we know who the leader of MAC is. His name is Abu Assadullah. He’s probably an ex-Muslim chav. You know, white birds, pimping, crack-selling, grooming, gangsta rap. Perhaps he had a Damascene conversion like his mate, Anjem Choudhry.

Assadullah has his own website from which he praises al-Qaeda. Not only that. He even stole his name from the main man behind the 2008 Mumbai massacre.

His YouTube broadcasts are also easy to find. In them you’ll find a lot index-finger-pointing, which is something these chavvy British Islamists seem to like doing when they broadcast and pontificate on YouTube.

We even know that name of the MAC’s second in command. His name is Abu Ubaidah. He, like many other Muslims, likes a lot of bombastic exaggeration to help get his message across. For example, he claims that British soldiers are ‘killing, torturing and raping Muslims’. This is odd. Rape doesn’t really exist under Islamic law. Or rather it exists, but it isn’t actually seen as rape. In Pakistan, where Ubaidah’s family probably comes from, rape is hardly recognised. When it is, the raped woman has to find four male witnesses to the rape! Not only that. Women are often punished for being raped. That is, punished for being punished. Additionally, pregnancy is often seen as evidence of the woman’s complicity in the rape.

Abu Ubaidah also has a sick sense of humour. During Friday’s MAC protest he called for two minutes silence. Not for the war dead, but to honour Roshonara Choudhry, the woman who was jailed for life this month for stabbing Labour MP Stephen Timms in a failed murder attempt.

We have another name (and face!). This zealot’s called Abu Rahin Aziz, age 28. He used to work as a credit control operator at cable firm NTL. Apparently he abused and harassed Muslim women there for wearing ‘western clothing’. You see, these British Muslims must wear Arabic clothing. Why? Because Islam is an Arabic - not a universal! - religion.

One of his former workmates said of him:

"If the Asian women dressed in a Western way they would pressure them to try and get them to wear traditional Islam clothes. He always wore traditional white robes.”

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