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Friday, 5 November 2010

'Muslim hate preacher Abu Hamza allowed to keep British passport' [from: the Telegraph]

I can't believe what's happening. Kick the bastard out! Who cares if the Egyptians don't want him. Let him live in the sea - 100ft under!
Are the courts full of ex-public school corbetts who love the Brown Exotic and also love being dominated by them? What's with the kid gloves? There are six lads in Gateshead who may be serving six years for burning the fucking Koran! A book! Get it together, judges. Start making sense and saving us from these fuckstart religious nihilists.
The logic is painfully simple. The kick Abu Abba Abba Doo out and you will make the UK safer. What's so hard to understand about that? Don't make excuses for his immorality because he's Brown and Exotic. That's inverted racism. Fuck. That's racism. Pure and simple. They have to abide by our standards of morality, not those of stone-age man. Kick him out! Now!
Captain Jihad Hook is laughing at British judges and the UK courts. But we won't let him laugh at the British people and the EDL. It's only the EDL that's speaking out for the British people. The courts have been rendered impotent by political correctness, the European Courts and the UN. We are being laughed at by everyone. Do your duty, judges. Before it's too late.
- 5th Nov, from

Hate preacher Abu Hamza has won his appeal against the Government's attempts to strip him of his British passport, a special tribunal has ruled.

Abu Hamza in Belmarsh Prison as he challenges attempts to extradite him to the US on terror charges. The radical cleric argued that such a move would render him "stateless" as he had already been stripped of his Egyptian citizenship.

Delivering its 12-page ruling, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) allowed his appeal.

Abu Hamza claims removing his British citizenship would leave him stateless. Tribunal to rule on Abu Hamza's British citizenship.

Extremist preacher Abu Hamza's three sons jailed for luxury car scam.

In his ruling, Mr Justice Mitting said: "We are satisfied on balance of probabilities that if a deprivation order were to be made, the appellant (Hamza) would be made stateless.

"The conclusions which we have reached in the closed judgment supplement, but do not contradict, that conclusion.

"Accordingly, this appeal is allowed."

Hamza, 52, was jailed for seven years in February 2006 for inciting murder and race hate.

He is in Belmarsh Prison as he challenges attempts to extradite him to the US on terror charges.

That case was delayed by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in July, which called for further submissions over the length of his sentence and the conditions he would experience if extradited to ADX Florence, a so-called "supermax" prison in Fremont County, Colorado.

Attempts to take his passport away were launched in 2003 but delayed by other legal actions against him.

At a three-day hearing in London last month, Hamza's lawyers argued he has already been stripped of his Egyptian citizenship so cannot have his British passport taken too, as that would render him "stateless".

But the Home Office said there was no documentation to prove he was no longer an Egyptian national and though he was once denied an Egyptian passport, he was later allowed one.

The commission heard Hamza may have had his Egyptian nationality revoked but the country's government would not confirm whether he had or not.

The cleric came to Britain on a student visa and acquired a British passport through marriage.

He was denied an Egyptian passport in 1982 because he had not undertaken military service, the panel heard, but a decree in 1988 allowed him his citizenship back.

But Egyptian law expert Sabah Al-Mukhtar, appearing as a witness for Hamza's legal team, told the commission it was possible he had been stripped of his nationality later on for other reasons.

He said by refusing Hamza a passport the Egyptian government was giving a "de facto" denial of his nationality.

James Strachan, for the Home Office, said Mr Al-Mukhtar's interpretation was a "fundamental disagreement" with their own expert's evidence.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said Prime Minister David Cameron was "disappointed" with the decision but that it would not affect ongoing extradition proceedings.


  1. publicize the membership of the fuckwit board

  2. @Cudoine: yes please! who is responsible for this insanity, we have a right to know, we pay for it, FFS!!

  3. Juniper in the Desert

    We have the right to make them pay for it. Another thing, membership in the muslim brotherhood needs to be criminalized, this needs to be brought to the Tories' attention forcefully.