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Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Muslim Genocide of Christians in Iraq

- By Diogenes

After the seizure of the M V Mavi Marmora by Israeli military, in May of this year, followed by the death of nine "activists" (the flotilla was sponsored by a Turkish Islamist organisation), there was a march in Bradford by an assortment of Leftists, Muslims, and Christian churchmen, including the then Bishop of Bradford. Some even described this incident as a "genocide", which one might find a slight exaggeration. A documentary shown by the BBC (hardly biased in Israel's favour) some weeks later convincingly debunked the propaganda so eagerly swallowed by these people.

I have waited patiently since the end of October for a march or demo by these same people, protesting against the massacre of at least 58 Iraqi Christians while at Mass in Baghdad. I simply ask them: what is the difference between these two events? The Chaldean and Assyrian Christians have been in Mesopotamia for some 1900 years. They are now being driven out of Iraq. (Before the Iraq War, they numbered about 900,000; now they are less than half that.) Would somebody, Leftist, Muslim, or Christian leader, please explain the difference?

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