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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Muslim gang's courtroom ploy



Islam teaches men to hate women. It also teaches Muslim men to hate the kuffar. Thus, it teaches Muslim men to hate kuffar women to an even greater degree.

Of course there is grooming, abuse and rape in other cultures. But not every religion teaches its adherents that non-believing women can be treated as 'booty'! Read the Koran. Study Islam. Then you will realise why there is a massive problem with Muslim men grooming, raping and abusing non-Muslim women.
Islam and the Koran should be treated as 'hate literature' - which is what it truly is. Make that real connection between Islamic misogyny and what's going on in the cities and towns of the UK. This case in Derby is just one more example of the Jihad against Kuffar Women.
For example, in north Europan countries, such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway, there is a massive problem with the Muslim rape and abuse of kuffar women. But the respective police forces are forbidden, because of Leftist policy and political correctness, from many any connections between Islam, or Muslims, and these problems. They are taught to ignore the obvious connection between Islam/Muslim men and the systematic abuse of non-Muslim women.
If the police don't sort out this huge problem, I know 50,000 people who will sort it out! Get your shit together, police. Stamp on political correctness and deal with the problem. Are you listening?..

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