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Friday, 26 November 2010

Muslim fanatic is a £2.6 million crack dealer in the Crack Jihad

[Image: the Sun's Anila Baig.]

Anila Baig is quite simply wrong about Islam. She tells the Sun that 'there is specific wording in the Koran which says: "Intoxicants and games of chance, idolatrous practices and the divining of arrows are abominations devised by Satan. Avoid them, so you may prosper". Yes, Muslims taking drugs is outlawed, but what about selling drugs to the kuffar - in order to kill and destroy as many kuffar as possible? Everyone in the North West, from Bradford and Keighley to Oldham and Rochdale, knows there is a Crack/Heroin Jihad against the infidel going on, just as there is a Pimping and Grooming Jihad aagainst kuffar women and girls. Anything to destroy the infidel.

So don't quote me the Koranic cliche 'To kill one person is as if you have killed all mankind'. This too is about Muslims killing Muslims, not Muslims killing the infidel. So let's extract ourselves from Anila Baig Taqiyya Net and see what the truth really is. That truth is that Islam will never be happy until the whole world is Islamic. That means, in plain English, that a lot of kuffar are going to die at the hands of Islam and its jihadist Muslim soldiers.

Also, does Anila Baig comment on anything other than Islam and the sad plight of Muslims in The Sun? If she doesn't, then clearly she's The Sun's token Muslim who also simply loves EastEnders. Yes, if some Muslims like EastEnders then Islam and the Koran must be OK!

Published: 25 Nov 2010, from The Sun

A MUSLIM fanatic who sparked fury by dressing as a suicide bomber at a demo was jailed yesterday over a £2.6million drugs racket.

Omar Khayam, 26, was sent down for 13 years for having heroin and crack cocaine.

In 2006 he horrified the nation by turning up at an extremist protest in a fake bomber's vest and black headscarf.

But yesterday he was exposed as a hypocrite as drug dealing is expressly forbidden by Islam.

The teacher's son was held days after cops stumbled across a massive narcotics factory in Bedford last December, Luton Crown Court heard.

Two officers who had gone to arrest a man for an unrelated offence spotted a suspicious powder on the floor.

A search later turned up 26 kilos of heroin, a third of a kilo of crack cocaine and nearly £125,000 in cash.

Mixing bags, scoops, scales, face masks and a hydraulic press were also seized.

Experts estimated the street value of the heroin alone to be worth £2.6million.

Police began a hunt for men seen arriving at the factory on CCTV and Khayam was arrested in a car in Milton Keynes in May this year.

He later admitted two charges of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Sentencing him, Judge John Bevan QC said: "Dealing in heroin and cocaine is an odious and pernicious trade."

It also emerged Khayam had previously served a 5½ year sentence after being convicted in 2003 of conspiracy to supply a class A drug and possession of cocaine.

Abbas Lakha QC, for Khayam, claimed he had only become involved in the factory because of a drug debt he owed.

Mr Lakha added: "He was beholden to others and was not at the top end."

Khayam infuriated families of 7/7 bombing victims in London with his sick stunt outside the Danish Embassy in 2006.

He was protesting against a Danish newspaper's cartoons showing the Prophet Mohammed.

At first he feigned remorse at the anger he had caused, but then vowed to wear the vest again at future demos.

Last night Khayam's second drugs conviction heaped more shame upon his family because the Muslim holy book the Koran bans taking or dealing in drugs.

Judge Bevan described the fanatic's involvement in the protests as "fantastically stupid". He added: "I am told your history has been blighted by one stupid act outside the Danish Embassy and the publicity it received. It was entirely your fault."

A second man, Mohammed Arfaan, 27, was jailed for six years.

*) THERE is specific wording in the Koran which says: "Intoxicants and games of chance, idolatrous practices and the divining of arrows are abominations devised by Satan. Avoid them, so you may prosper", says Sun features writer Anila Baig.

Lots of Muslims are not too strict and may have a flutter.

But drug dealing is a massive no-no and anyone who claimed to be a devout Muslim would not do that.

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