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Friday, 12 November 2010

Muslim Fanatics Burn Poppies

No one should be surprised by the actions of Muslims Against Crusades (MAC). They are simply expressing the basic tenets of a general Islamist position vis-à-vis the Western world.

The MAC's sense of decency is the exact antithesis of our own. Their concepts of justice, peace, etc. are vastly unlike our own.

They are at war with us. We should be at war with them, just as once we were at war with the Nazis. These people are theological Nazis. IslamoNazis.

They genuinely believe that ‘British soldiers will burn in hell’. There is very little to discuss or debate here. They will not change. There are many taqiyya-merchants, however, the ‘moderates’, such as the Muslim Council of Britain and MPACUK, who believe exactly the same things as MAC. But they know that the youthful honesty and naiveté displayed by MAC will be counterproductive to the cause of Islam. Thus they say: We are against terrorism, butWe condemn X but They know that outright support for terrorists and killers like Hamas will seriously backfire. Thus they indulge in the ancient Islamic art of taqiyya – lies, dissimulation, simulation, pretence, obfuscation, etc. They are good at it. Muslims have been practising the Art of Taqiyya since Mohammed himself gave his own exemplary lessons in it.

So, again, virtually every Muslim wants Islam to ‘dominate’ the world. Virtually every Muslim believes that, sooner or later, ‘Islam will dominate’ the world.

Islamists are creatures of embarrassing exaggeration. They call British soldiers ‘mass murderers’. They called the killing of a handful of Turkish Islamists a ‘genocide’. They call the deaths of Palestinians a ‘holocaust’. They call Israel an ‘apartheid state’ or a ‘Nazi state’. We should simply ignore the hyperbole. Leftists and liberal Islamic/Muslim enablers, however, often mimic the words of Hamas and other Islamists. Such is their gullability.

So is it any wonder that the EDL’s Tommy Robinson tried to stop these Islamists spouting their filthy rhetoric? He only expressed in action what the majority of British feel in their hearts. Most Brits too are sick of the appeasement of Islamists like the MAC and Islam generally.

We will never surrender!

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