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Friday, 12 November 2010

Judeophobic Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is offended by ‘Islamophobic’ joke

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (or YAB) used to be known for being a ‘moderate Muslim’. As she has grown older, she has become more stridently Islamic. So much so, she is now barely distinguishable from an out-and-out Islamist.

Her outrage, fake or not, about this joke shows her in her true Islamic colours. She too is a master of being Offended or Insulted by the kuffar.

I remember seeing her, a few months back, talk about Israel on a discussion programme. She talks about Israel and Palestine a lot. All Muslims do this a lot. Judeophobia is part of her religion – Islam.

During the discussion she started almost literally foaming at the mouth and spitting out invectives against the Israelis – probably for killing a single Palestinian in response to a hundred Hamas rocket attacks (or something like that). Her eyes were red with rage and her wrinkled lips poured out Judeophobic nonsense. No wonder she can’t take a joke!

What’s the big deal? A joke is only a joke. Do Muslims make a living out of being Offended or Insulted? We all get insulted or offended from time to time. So let’s have less of the crocodile tears from YAB and other Muslims. Indeed, let’s stop taking offences or insults against Muslims so seriously. It’s time for Muslims to grow up and stop crying ‘racism’ or ‘Islamophobia’.

Anyway. I thought the joke was funny. Not a master’s joke, but funny nonetheless. It wasn’t even particularly ‘sick’. And it was also meant to be politically ironic in that YAB has spoken out against those kuffar who themselves have spoken out against stoning and other brutal aspects of sharia law. She claims we have no right to judge Iran or wherever. Only Nelson Mandela is qualified to do so – whatever that means. Does that mean that YAB has no right to slag off Israel – something she does at least nine times before each breakfast?

How the hell can this joke be ‘racist’ anyway? We know it isn’t racist. YAB knows it ain’t racist. Yet YAB also knows that by calling such things ‘racist’ she and other Muslims will find it much easier to defeat - and ultimately to silence! - all those who oppose Islamism and Islam itself. That is, Islam, and Muslims, are racialised so they can have all the benefits, as it were, of our fanatically anti-racist legislation and policies. And that’s what the ‘Racial and Religious Incitement Law’ of 2006 is all about – the racialisation of Islam or Muslims in order to make them untouchable. That why they cry ‘racist’ all the time! Same too for their Leftist enablers.

Mr Cameron does have the right to talk about human rights abuses in Iran and indeed in China (even though, in the latter case, he hasn’t done so). YAB says that because of the allegations of torture against British and American forces in Iraq, Cameron has no right to open his mouth on the subject. But torture, or accusations of torture, are the exception, not the rule, for British and American forces. However, and this is where the hypocrisy comes into play, in virtually every Islamic state or country torture is the rule – it is literally institutionalised. This is true of Syria, Iran, Egypt and many other Muslim countries. Indeed Hamas kneecaps homosexuals and unmarried lovers and even passed a law to bring back crucifixion!

YAB doesn’t talk about Islamic or Muslim torture, does she? She should do because torture is actually written into sharia law. Stoning, for instance, is torture because it is so prolonged and painful. It is the exact opposite of a lethal injection or hanging. Yet in Islam stoning is part of ‘holy law’!

*) Video: YAB talks about Israel and banning Geert Wilder's Fitna at 1:43.

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