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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Jewish Community Against the EDL?

The EDL is really causing a stink in some quarters. The ‘Jewish community’ (whatever that is), for example, is deeply worried about Jewish support for the EDL. They are going crazy trying to convince – or tell! – other Jews that the EDL is evil personified.

The ‘campaign’, if that’s what it is, is called ‘Not in our name – Jews against the EDL’. Let’s rewrite that: Not in our namessome Jews against the EDL.

And that phrase, ‘Not in our name’, has a familiar leftist ring to it. It has been used many times before. This Not in Our Name thing includes the Board of Deputies, Community Security Trust, the Israeli Embassy, and Jews for Justice for Palestinians. (As a non-Jew, that last organisation sort of gives most of the game away.) Apparently, there are around eight other such organisations that have committed themselves to fighting the EDL, as well as around 500 individuals (all Jews?).

The EDL’s very own Roberta Moore, head of the EDL’s Jewish Division, is not a part of this crusade/jihad against the EDL. Roberta, I think, detects a certain amount of appeasement in the Jewish community, vis-à-vis the Islamist threat. Indeed she has said that the campaigners of Not in Our Name have ‘betrayed the Jewish community’. That is, the campaign that claims to be protecting the Jewish community is in fact betraying it. Why not? This sort of thing has happened many times before in history. The name Neville Chamberlain springs to mind, as well as Lord Haw Haw.

So considering the dissonance affected between Not in Our Name and the EDL’s Jewish Division, Roberta has put down the gauntlet: She said: ‘Let’s have it all out in the open once and for all.’ This suggests that the Jewish Community, yet another platonic entity, has hitherto closed its ears to even the possibility that the EDL is not racist and not fascist. Such things are not even possible, it seems.

The campaign itself was the brainchild of the Union of Jewish Students. It was a direct reaction to the creation of the EDL’s Jewish Division. (It had to be students, didn’t it?)

If the UJS takes it as a given that the EDL is racist and fascist, as they take it as a given that 2 + 2 equal 4, then it is no wonder that it’s getting uppity about things. Thus they trot (!) out all the favourites by mentioning Cable Street, the defeat of the BNP, and such like.

It also says that the ‘Jewish community has always been at the forefront of anti-fascism’. Yes, that’s fine and dandy. But the EDL is not fascist! Thus there’s a problem. The EDL’s own problems are: Islamisation, sharia law, Islamoterrorism and, basically Islamofascism. So perhaps it is possible that these Jewish students, as well as Not in Our Name, have chosen the wrong target. They should be taking on the Islamists amongst us, whom, like Hamas, want to annihilate the Jews. Now that is racism. That is fascism.

You see the EDL hidden Nazism and racism is all conjecture. There's no evidence that the leadership of the EDL is Nazi. There is no evidence that the many divisions of the EDL are Nazis. There is no evidence that the EDL Forum is Nazi. And there is no evidence that the EDL’s FaceBook group is Nazi. (Though it is the nature of FaceBook that Nazis and racists can indeed post on the EDL wall. The EDL cannot stop that; though the admins. delete such shit as soon as it appears or as soon as possible.)

And I am sick to fucking death of hearing those freaking clichés: ‘violent racists’ and ‘racist thugs’. Don’t these people ever think for themselves? It seems not. The Left thinks in clichés and parrots what they’ve heard other Leftists say. Hence the term RoboTrot.

Yes, some EDL were once members of the BNP. That’s because they had nowhere else to turn. The BNP was the only group that was addressing the various problems which the establishment and media refuse to even think about. Thus they had no choice but to put their money on the BNP. But they weren’t happy there. Tommy Robinson certainly wasn’t happy there. And that’s why he left the BNP. Did you hear that? That’s why he left the BNP!

Finally, Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Education Trust, said: ‘… the EDL, who preach hatred and division in our communities.’ No. Surely there’s some mistake here? It is Muslims Against the Crusades, Islam4UK, Hizb ut-Tahrir, MPACUK, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Association of Britain, etc. that ‘preach hatred’ and ‘sow division in our communities’. And these groups do so because they preach Islamic supremacism, Islamic separatism (Apartheid or Dhimmitude), jihad (or dawah), and sometimes outright Islamic terror!


  1. Anything to try to disrupt the EDL... classic divide and conquer. Do not fall for it. The EDL has momentum that the militant left fear. Stand united.

  2. They are not the Jewish community. They are just a bunch of retards who want to desperately believe they are part of a "Jewish" community.
    These are KAPOS. Not Jews.