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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Islamophiles & Islamophobes [video]

Islamophiles and Muslims think that the criticism of Islam and the Koran is the direct result of the critic not knowing anything about Islam and the Koran. I believe that the truth is the exact opposite. Those that know very little about Islam, the Islamophiles, tend to know next-to-nothing about its blood-drenched history.
The evidence against Islam is massive and grows every single day. The more the 'Islamophobe' (critic!) finds out about Islam, the more negative his attitude towards it becomes. It's about time the leftist and liberal Islamophiles educated themselves to the degree that they may understand why critics of Islam think the way they do.

The other irony is the fact that those Islamophiles who are positive about Islam are not expected to prove their knowledge of it, as critics are. Their brainless positivity goes unquestioned - as long as that ignorance of Islam results in a positive attitude.
George Galloway criticised Tommy Robinson's knowledge of Islam because he was negative towards it. If Tommy or an Islamophile had said something positive about Islam, on the other hand, then that person's knowledge would have been seen, by Galloway, to be more or less beside the point. The Islamophile's positivity towards Islam is, in other words, never questioned, unlike the critic's negativity.

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