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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


This is an urgent request from Tommy Robinson, who has just got off the phone to MET police. The Muslims Against Crusaders (MAC) demonstration will 100% take place tomorrow (11th November) and they intend to chant through the 2 minutes silence!

He is asking for anyone that can to get to London in any way possible to counter demonstrate this. No Surrender. Ever!

Members of the EDL and fellow countrymen,

There is a lot of conflicting information coming out of London at the moment, regarding the plans for the Muslims Against Crusades plan to disrupt our most significant day of the year remembrance day. This is the time for friends and families to gather to remember our fallen heroes. The MAC have threatened to disturb the 2 minutes silence and show themselves for the disrespectful bunch of freaks that they are.

Well not in our country and not on our watch. The English Defence League has decided that there is no way we can risk this silence being disrupted.

We are therefore to announce a demonstration at Exhibition Road, Kensigton, SW7.

The demonstration will be tomorrow Thursday 11th November 2010, Please arrive for 10am and we expect the demonstration to last until 1.00pm.

The EDL will not have any speakers or PA for this demonstration it is purely a demonstration to ensure that the memorial service holds its 2 minutes silence in silence.

The nearest tube station to this is South Kensington

We urge that all members that can make it to this demonstration tomorrow to attend and show that we will not allow this scum in our country.

No Surrender


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