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Saturday, 27 November 2010

The EDL's Demo at Nuneaton Ignored by the Press

'NO ARRESTS AT EDL DEMO AT NUNEATON'... As if. The press has focused entirely on the arrests at Preston but not on the lack of arrests at Nuneaton. Interceder has about six press reviews of the demos today, all of them about Preston. None of them about the great day out in Nuneaton. The EDL only makes the news when there is trouble. When there is no trouble, as at Newcastle months back, there are few or no reports. The EDL cannot win.

And why was there more trouble at Preston than at Nuneaton? Because there was a far stronger campaign and counter-demo in Preston - from the SWP/UAF/Islamists- than in Nuneaton. That is because the Islamists and Trots live off trouble or what they call 'struggle'. There simply weren't enough UAF/SWP at Nuneaton to successfully cause much trouble.

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  1. The NUJ are islamo-communist racists! They have boycotted Israel and the International Union of Journalists have thrown out all Israeli journos!

    EDL does not need them, they are promoters of fascism and lovers of islam, the opposite of EDL!!