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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

EDL van stoned by red fascists and Muslims in Amsterdam [video]

The EDL van gets attacked by red fascist anti-fascists. As Churchill said: 'In the future, the anti-fascists will be the real fascists.' So true! Either that or workers for the PC Thought Police.

At all the videos I have seen of the Amsterdam event there have been red fascists using violence. Trying to pour water onto EDL electrical equipment. Trying to pull the microphones out of the hands of EDL speakers. Stones and rocks thrown at the windows of EDL vehicles. And so on.
It is quite clear the UAF/SWP love violence. Violence gives pleasure but it is also used to radicalise and thus take us nearer to the Revolution. That's why middle-class UAF/SWP-ers simply adore the Brown Exotic when he's at his most exotic - when he bombs, kills and riots. So un-white. Foucault would have loved such liberatory violence just as he loved the violence of the new Islamic regime in Tehran in 1979.

The machismo of the far left!

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