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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

'EDL not far-right,' says police extremism chief

[The Morning Star article follows the comment; after the dotted line.]
The far left will hate this comment from the Detective Chief Superintendent Adrian Tudway.

The EDL knows that the EDL's not 'far right'. Many people outside the EDL know that the EDL’s not far right. Indeed many leftists know this too. The thing is, naming he EDL ‘far right’ works wonders for the Leftist Cause (whatever that is). If you class your enemy, or opponent, as ‘fascist’, which is what far right means, then you’ve already won half the battle because everybody hates the far right – don’t they? Well, as Slyvia Plath didn't say: Everybody hates a fascist.

You know what will happen now. The police saying this will give ammunition to the Communist or Trotskyite view that the police is but ‘an arm of the state’. Indeed in the article the Morning Star hints at the police's double standards by saying that they treat 'trade unions', 'students', etc. worse than the EDL. (Remember Dudley?)

Next UAF/SWP will be saying that the police actually support the police. I wouldn’t be surprised if they even say that Sup Adrian Tudway himself is a member of the EDL! You know how the conspiratorial (paranoid) minds of the far left – and the far right! – work. This will be when Trotskyite or Marxist theory really comes into its own.

Watch these pages over the next couple of days for more third-rate bullshit from the Conspiratorial (Paranoid) Far Left.

Tuesday 23 November 2010, by John Millington, from the Morning Star

The new head of police domestic extremist units was condemned today after denying that the English Defence League was a right-wing extremist group.

Detective Chief Superintendent Adrian Tudway, who took over the role of national co-ordinator for domestic extremism last week, claimed police had to walk a "tightrope" when targeting small groups which they believe are bent on violence.

Senior officers have gone on the offensive following the student protests and the resulting occupation of 30 Millbank two weeks ago, saying that more resources are being invested in identifying potential "flashpoints of disorder."

Mr Tudway said his officers were focusing on the "fringe" where protest "spills over" into violence and disorder.

His comments came on the eve of tomorrow's wave of protests against rising university fees.

The National Public Order Intelligence Unit, National Domestic Extremism team and National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit employ about 100 people with a budget of £8.1 million.

The police units, which are set to be integrated into the Met Police under a rebranding exercise, have come under fire for using intrusive surveillance tactics to identify hundreds of people who have attended protests and then sharing the information with other forces.

However Mr Tudway insisted that intelligence officials do not examine the work of trade or student unions and went on to say that the EDL was not an extreme right-wing group.

"The present particular challenge to us, constitutionally, is they are not extreme right-wing organisations," he said.

"On the one hand, they are seen by many as the single biggest threat to community cohesion in the UK, but they are most certainly not extreme right-wing organisations."

Communist Party of Britain general secretary Rob Griffiths said that "nobody should be fooled" by the claim that the police to not monitor trade unions and student groups.

"It is well known from recent history that the intelligence services disrupt trade unions and the peace movement by targeting socialist and communist activists within them and making this the excuse for spreading the net across the whole organisation," he said.

"If he does not know the fascist affiliations of leading and founder members of the English Defence League then we should club together and buy him a subscription to Searchlight magazine, where he would find these links set out in fine detail."

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  1. We should write a letter to this man in support of him. The letter should be sent to the whole police force praising this one brave and wise man.