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Friday, 19 November 2010

EDL demos 'feed Islamic extremism'? - Plus Tommy Robinson's response

[Top right: Anil Patani, of West Midlands police.
Image left: is the EDL to blame for sharia-killing as well?]

If only the EDL were banned... and Israel 'wiped off the face of the earth'... and America stopped.... and... and... and...

That’s funny. I thought that the EDL was a response to Islamic extremism, not one of the causes of it. The EDL was formed in response to the actions of the MAC in Luton. Not only that, the EDL has only existed for one and a half years.

Do I need to spell things out? Islamic extremism has existed for decades. Today, it's more the result of Muslim demography, leftist Islam-enabling and political correctness, than the EDL. Islamoextremism has been around since the 1920s when the Muslim Brotherhood first starting bombing infidels and Jews. In fact, Islam began as a terrorising religion as it expanded by force under Mohammed and then under his followers.

Why do the press, West Midlands Police, etc. treat Muslims like children? Someone else is always to blame for their bombings, riots, etc. Who’s to blame the Islamic NarcoJihad? Us. For Muslim pimping of white girls? Us. For the riots? Us. For Islamic extremism? Us.... For Hamas's bombs? Israel. Etc. It’s always someone else who's to blame, never Muslims themselves or Islam or the Koran. It’s always because of our sins against them; not their own theological and ideological positions against the infidel world.

Isn’t that a perfect way of trying to shut the EDL up – blame it for creating Islamic extremism, even though the EDL is only less than two years old? Ridiculous logic.

So what is the WMP saying – or implying? That Islamoextremism will fade away if the EDL disbands? Pull the other one. Perhaps Brummie Islamoextremism is partly a result of WMP appeasement. Thought of that one, Chris Sims?

*) Tommy Robinson's response to the WMP's accusation that the EDL is responsible for Islamic extremism in the UK:


It was the EDL that fought for Islam, the Koran, Sharia law, the Ottoman Empire, the Bosnian war, 9/11, 7/7, the Gulf wars, Afghanistan, Pakistan war with Kashmere, the Iraq invasion of Kuwait, the genocide of Iraqi Kurds, the hate preaching in Mosques, the indoctrination of British-born Muslims, mass Islamic conversions in prisons, 18000 acts of terrorism worldwide, poppy burning.... If the EDL stopped protesting, we could all live in peace. - By Danny Jones

We must not blame Muslims, or do or say anything which may upset them, even if it is true.

On the day that a Police Officer (PC Hill) broke down in tears at the enquiry into 7/7 attacks, because of the death and carnage that he witnessed, another officer, John Larkin, blamed the EDL for turning parts of Britain into recruiting grounds for Muslim extremists.

I could say that the EDL did not exist before 7/7 and so on, but I wont. Lets leave the 'who started it' to oneside.

Why is this man blaming the EDL, and not Islam or Muslim fanatics?

You can say what you like about the EDL - but I say this about them, they are saying enough.

No more attacking our people, no more bombs, no more Sharia, no more Halal, no more Mosques. If you want to live in an Islamic country, there are many one could go to, but there is only 1 England, when she is gone........ I applaud the EDl for standing up against this evil. Shame our Government will not. - by Pym Purnell


  1. Hi

    Look buddy, this is a very complex issue.

    The wy you are looking at it is in a very simplistic and short term view. You need to know the history, how islamic Extremism started and how it got to this stage. You need to know the history well and not paint everyone with the same brush.

    I work in London, and if you live in London I can take you out for a meal and give you a full lecture about this issue. I work in Mayfair so if you are close then we can actually meet up

    You miight not agree, but you might see learn from a different perspective.
    If you are interested, then rely to this comment and maybe we can actually organise it.

    Ali W

  2. Tommy Robinson: our new Churchill!!NFSE

    @Ali: we know all about islamic extremism: we have read the koran, the suras and hadiths, we have listened to the hate speakers like Anjem Choudry.

    You are practising taqqiya, lying to advance islam.
    You are not talking to a bunch of ignorant muzzies here; we see you for what you are and always have been.

    Unless muslims stand and speak up against terrorism, sharia law, killing Jews, attacking Israel, murdering Christians, Hindus etc, we will NEVER trust you. And as no muslim has stood up against institutionalised muslim racism, paedophilia, wife murdering, female genital mutilation and other perversions, we know you stand FOR all those things!

    I have maps of the world from the beginning of islam till now: muslims are the worst predatory colonists that ever existed. Billions of people across the centuries have been murdered in the name of islam. Compare muslim countries to Western countries.

    You are the ones that don't understand!

  3. Anil Patani, rapist's friend:

    "Several women’s groups, particularly in the Midlands and northern England, say they are often reluctant to go to the police with women who have ran away to escape violence because they cannot trust Asian police officers. Zalikha Ahmed, director of the Apna Haq refuge, says:
    “We have to be careful with them especially the Asian ones. We don’t visit the station when certain Asian officers are on because some of them are perpetrators, and one of them on record said that he would not arrest someone who used force on his wife. Some of them would just expose us for what we do.” Another worker in a women’s group in the North, who requested anonymity for safety reasons, said: “We had instances when a [Asian] chief inspector offered his help to a family by tracking a girl down – we were appalled."