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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Documentary and investigation into the Bolton EDL demo

[Left : the Dudley demo, 17th July.]

It is strange that there’s been a lot of fuss about police behaviour at the Bolton EDL demo in March (20th). There has been no fuss whatsoever about the disgraceful behaviour of West Midlands Police at the July 17th EDL demo in Dudley (the EDL's second demo there).

Apparently, there is going to be a Channel 4 documentary, called ‘Coppers’, which features the Bolton demo. It is to be aired on Monday, November the 29th. The programmers claim that it will take viewers to ‘the heart of a riot’. Strong words.

So it is ironic that this programme will be screened just a few weeks after a police watchdog announced that it was to investigate officers who appear to be shown, on video footage, attacking a UAF demonstrator.

[Left: Bolton demo, 20th March.]

I wonder if this ‘police watchdog’ has seen any of the videos of the Dudley demo? If they have, there is a good chance that they will have seen West Midlands Police deliberately feeding small groups of EDL, slowly but surely, into Dudley to be met by hundreds of marauding Muslims - who were given completely free rein in the town (unlike the EDL protestors).

This business went on for hours. There were many individual attacks, by Muslims, on EDL members, including on EDL women. Yet none of this has been discussed outside of EDL circles. Not even the event when a motorist attempted to run over a handful of EDL demonstrators.

Above and beyond all that, nothing has been said about WMP deliberately stopping at least a 1000 EDL members - in Tipton, at the Harrier pub – from going to the Dudley demo. WMP stopped all of them from going. Again, there was nothing in the press about this.

Finally, there was also the excessive force WMP actually used at the Dudley demo, which was way above anything that was needed to keep the demo under control. We must also remember that many at the car-park demo were reacting to mobile news about other EDL being attacked by Dudley Muslims, as well as the 1000 other EDL being held by the police at Tipton.

Bearing all that in mind, it is odd that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has undertaken an investigation into the actions of officers who arrested UAF protester, Alan Clough. Specifically, their will be an investigation into the actions of three officers who are apparently shown to be delivering blows against the UAF man.

Of course, the far left, that is, Unite Against Fascism, know how to make the most of what they often call ‘police brutality’. They know how to use the courts; how to get the best legal experts; and how to get the regional press behind them. Indeed many far leftists work in the various legal professions and some ‘rights-based’ organisations are quite explicitly far left in nature and bias.

There have even been ‘vigils’ held outside various courts protesting about the other UAF protestors who were arrested at the Bolton demo. That’s not a surprise. If I can remember correctly, some sixty-odd UAF were arrested that day, compared to eleven or less EDL arrests. No wonder UAF was pissed off and went running for legal help.

Things weren’t quite that smooth and legal after the EDL Dudley demo. This shows us that the EDL should also get good legal representation as well as some rights-based organisations behind it - though not far-leftist ones!

[Above: Chris Sims, of West Midlands Police.]

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