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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Councillors angry as police favour the EDL in Preston

[The SWP article follows the comment; after the dotted line.]

The police do not ‘favour the EDL’ at all. This will be a demo by the EDL in Preston. The EDL made that choice and finalised the date with the authorities. The SWP/UAF will be having a counter-demonstration. That’s why the police has done what it is done. The SWP/UAF should stop being so paranoid. Don’t they ever get sick of their - their fantasies – their conspiracies? Anyway. That’s why the police has allowed only the EDL to protest at Preston’s Flag Market on the 27th of November; even though the SWP/UAF says it requested that place first.

This ‘socialist councillor’, Michael Lavalette, who has spoken out against the police before, is really a Socialist Workers Party activist, which explains his crocodile tears well. This leftist totalitarian in one breath criticised the police and in the other breath asks the police ‘not to allow the EDL to gather in [Preston’s] pubs’. This has happened many times before in SWP/UAF history. On one hand they denigrate the police and call them ‘an arm of the state’. On the other hand, they demand draconian measures from the police against the numerous individuals and organisations which they so-easily christen ‘fascist’, ‘Nazi’ or ‘racist’. The police are either an ‘arm of the State’ or they aren’t; although I’m sure the SWP has some cute and neat little Marxist theory to rationalise this anomaly in its position.

Why don’t these people give it to us straight? They are totalitarian Commies and Trotskyites. Thus they want the EDL banned! However, that will sound too strong to those on the outside and the waverers. Thus now they want EDL demos banned. Or they want the EDL to be banned from entering Preston’s pubs (in this instance). But, of course, banning the EDL’s right to protest is to ban the EDL. Full stop. That’s how the EDL expresses itself politically. It hasn’t got the finances which the SWP seems to have to publish a weekly newspapers, journals and books. (Where does all the SW’s money come from?)

Interestingly enough, not only the police were in favour of the EDL’s demo (it’s called democracy, Trots) – so too were various Tory councillors. You see these people are democrats, even though I willing to admit that they probably don’t have much time for the EDL itself.

This SWP councillor, Michael Lavalette, is the same Trot who last week said that the police saw the UAF as being ‘as much of a problem, if not more so, than the EDL’. The police have attacked him for this theoretical view. The police simply doesn’t realise that Lavalette is actually ‘lying for Justice’ (Muslims call it taqiyya).

- Tue 9 Nov 2010, from Socialist Worker Online

Councillors and anti-racists in Preston are furious over police decisions about the protest by the racist English Defence League (EDL) on 27 November.

Preston independent socialist councillor Michael Lavalette spoke to Socialist Worker about Monday’s council meeting. “It was one of the most shocking moments in all my time as a councillor,” he said.
“We are asking that EDL supporters are not allowed to gather in pubs but the police are going to allow them to do it—and they will be marched through the city centre.

“The police admitted that Unite Against Fascism (UAF) had booked the Flag Market before the EDL. But they said they were giving it to the EDL anyway.”

A number of councillors raised angry objections to the plans, asking why UAF could not be given the Flag Market.

“It will be Preston’s shame if they are allowed to march on our streets,” says Michael. “I think it is vitally important that we don’t give this ground to racists and fascists.”


The police and Tory councillors asked the council to put out a statement calling for no counter protest against the EDL. But it was defeated as councillor after councillor spoke about the need to confront racists and Nazis.

“There was no vote on whether we accepted the police proposal and, unfortunately, the council did agree to allow the chief executive to apply for a ban of marches on the day,” says Michael.

“I spoke against this, arguing it will not prevent the EDL from holding a static protest or the police from marching them from one end of the city to the other.”

Michael has come under attack from the police for his interview in Socialist Worker last week about the protest. But he is sticking by his account and has the backing of other councillors.

He explained how the police seemed to think UAF was “as much of a problem, if not more so, than the EDL”.

“I agree with Michael’s account,” Labour councillor Dave Wilson told Socialist Worker. “I was astounded at the approach of the police. I live in an area that has a church, a mosque and a Hindu temple —people respect each other. The EDL threatens that unity. That’s why I will be on the counter protest.”

Another Labour councillor, Drew Gale, agreed: “I was perplexed by the police’s approach. I don’t agree with those who say we should not protest—we need greater numbers than the EDL.”


IPCC to investigate Bolton
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has announced that it will be investigating police behaviour during the UAF protest against the EDL in Bolton on 20 March.

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  1. Great post as usual!Brilliant photo: captured the complete parody of a commie! Hehe!!