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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bible event defiance in face of far-right march in Preston

[The Lancashire Evening Post article follows the comment; after the dotted line.]

What next? The vicar of Preston saying that you cannot be a Christian and a member of the EDL at the same time?

These Inter-Faithing Islam-enablers are so far up the anal tract of Islam that its just too dark to find the light switch.

Isn’t it funny how Muslims and Christians suddenly become all lovey-dovey when there’s an EDL Road Show arriving in town? Muslims especially. Sharia law bars them from listening to Christians teaching Christianity. What’s more, Christians cannot teach their faith at all in Islamic countries. (Do some lovely Inter-Faithing in Saudi Arabia and see what happens. Fr Tomothy Linscombe, your Muslim 'friends' are taking the piss out of you!)

What part of this is the Anglican/Methodist missing? Do they like having to put their heads in the mouth of the Islamic crocodile? Is this an example of Anglican masochism or even their version of martyrdom! Let Islam or Muslims kill us – then we’ll be sure of a place in Heaven.

Also, have you heard the patronising language this vicar of Preston uses? He sees himself as the shepherd of a ‘misguided and vulnerable’ flock. Mister vicar, you are against the EDL presumably because you have used your brain and you're not the slave of irrational beliefs. Good. Well grant those people in Preston who support the EDL the same attributes and stop being so condescending!


Published on Tue Nov 09, 2010, from Lancashire Evening Post

A far-right group’s planned gathering outside a church will not disturb a marathon bible event, organisers vowed today.

The English Defence League (EDL) is planning to meet opposite Preston Minster, on Church Street, Preston, and walk to the Flag Market on Saturday November 27.

While up to 1,000 members of the EDL assemble close to the church, a four-day bible reading event will be ongoing inside the church.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) has also applied to hold a similar event on the same day, in opposition to the EDL’s presence.

Throughout this week Fr Timothy Lipscomb, vicar of Preston, will be attending meetings to ensure everything possible is done to prevent any disruption.

He said: “It won’t affect it because we won’t let them in to do anything to disturb it.

“There will be lots of people around, that’s a good thing because it will be well staffed.

“I will not condone people using religion for something which is absolutely not.”

Fr Lipscomb said he is confident the group’s message will largely fall on deaf ears in the city but fears ‘vulnerable people’ could be taken in.

He said: “It undermines the confidence in the city and it is frightening for people who are vulnerable or are easily led.

“Those who are going through a bad time in life are more vulnerable to people who will bully them and frighten them.

“They are very clever in the way they do it.”

Preston Coun Salim Desai, who represents the Town Centre ward, said it will be the event inside the church which best represents the city.

He said: “It is two extremes.

“On the one end, they are doing this march and on the other they are doing an all-night bible reading over the weekend. They will have different religions there taking part in readings from the New Testament.

“It is a multi-cultural event, it shows how the community here has come together, how integrated we are and how many dialogues there are.

“These people (EDL) are visitors who do not know what goes on in Preston.

“These people are so isolated and they have got no support or roots in Preston.”

Preston Council was due to meet yesterday evening to discuss the rally.

A spokesman for the English Defence League was unavailable for comment.

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  1. Let's hope Miss vicar, above, and her parishioners do not read any of the Old Testament! they will find that if they and their bunch of antiSemites will be damned, for all who damn Israel are themselves damned for all eternity! Filthy scum!!