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Friday, 19 November 2010



Manna from the police for the BBC ‘Religion of Peace’ narrative as a policeman says the English Defence League (EDL) is the cause of militant jihadism: English Defence League demos 'feed Islamic extremism'

It is not hard to deduce from that and other coverage that England and the English do not fit in with the 'diversity' agenda of the BBC. For the only English the BBC likes are those who fit in with the picture of white folk happily accepting a foreign invasion and making a show of 'tolerance' - which in fact is resignation.

Notably, the whole piece is skewed towards one statement made by a policeman; where Detective Chief Superintendent Matt Sawers of the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit apparently links EDL actions with a subsequent rise in local jihadist activity. But that apparent cause and effect could not occur if the ground was not fertile in the first place, could it?

Also, this appears to be the policeman making an excuse for the growth of jihadism. One might easily counter that by stating that the EDL is in itself inspired by jihadi activity amongst Muslims. So, the piece might have been headed 'Islamist activity feeds EDL extermism'.

The fact that it was not shows who the BBC thinks should be 'put in their place'.

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  1. Matt Sawers is a dangerous dhimmi and muslim tool: he should be got rid of!