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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Ban the EDL and Osama bin Laden will stop spouting Islamic hate... oh, and crush Israel as well...and... and

i) If the EDL does not fight Islamic extremism, Islamic extremism is bound to get worse here in the UK.

ii) According to leftists and the police, the EDL fighting Islamic extremism encourages Islamic extremism.

iii) Thus, the EDL is damned if it does fight Islamic extremism and damned (by British patriots) if it doesn't fight Islamic extremism.


  1. Funny to see the police spitting on the hand that feeds them.
    Glad that 25% of these fuckers will lose their jobs. Better for the EDL now :)

  2. Well said, Ayalah! Let them get a taste of their own medicine, now they will be at the mercy of their beloved muslims! Can't wait!!

  3. Hi y'all from USA, just want to say keep up the goos work and drop this off for your viewing pleasure :)