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Monday, 1 November 2010

Anti-Fascists Arrested On Way To EDL Rally [from: Sky News HD]

[See the Sky News report after the comment; below the dotted line.]
No one who knows about Trotskyists should be surprised about what the UAF activists did to the EDL van. The UAF/SWP thrives on violence. It needs violence. These things bring the Revolution nearer; or, at the least, they radicalise those who were not up to that time radicalised. Other writers have talked about the revolutionising aspect of Struggle – on both the far left and far right (Hitler's My Struggle - Mein Kampf). Sorrell was more honest. He said that violence itself was liberatory. Lenin and Mussolini agreed – hence their similar political actions (if not policies).

Yet the mainstream fraternises - and plays along - with these Trotskyists – the UAF/SWP. Many leading politicians have committed themselves to its cause. This included David Cameron himself at one point.

Why does the extreme left get such a better deal than the extreme right? Members of the extreme left, such as Kenneth Livingstone and many others, have regularly appeared on Question Time and even on the Alan Titmarsh show. But when Griffin was on Question Time, there were riots outside the BBC building. Riots at which the leader of the UAF, Martin Smith, was arrested for violence.

An Anglican cleric said that ‘Weyman Bennett’s heart is in the right place’ despite his 'intemperate language', etc. The left is one big happy family which includes Commies and Trotskyites, as well as Methodists and Anglican ministers. The SWP may love to riot and a bit of trouble, but their hearts are in the right place. Stalin built a thousand gulags, massacred the kulaks, and was a fierce anti-Semite, but his heart was in the right place.


- October 31, 2010, by David Williams, Sky News Online

Five Britons were among 34 people arrested by Dutch police as they headed to confront far-right activists showing their support for controversial politician Geert Wilders.

The EDL were given permission to hold the demo in the isolated area near Sloterdijk.

The "anti-fascist" group was intercepted en route to take on around 50 supporters from the English Defence League who had gathered at a train station near Sloterdijk, northwest of Amsterdam, for their legal action.

Police said they also stopped and diverted a metro train carrying dozens of "football hooligans" bound for the isolated area in order to "prevent a confrontation".

A website for Ajax Amsterdam supporters had urged fans to confront the EDL "because we don't tolerate racism and fascism in our city".

Wilders - who did not support plans for the demonstration - is being prosecuted in the Netherlands for inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims.

It was hoped the isolated location of the EDL demo would limit problems

His pledge to "stop the Islamisation" of the country during a campaign could see him fined £7,600 or jailed for up to a year.

The EDL were given permission to hold the action in the isolated area near Sloterdijk rather than Amsterdam's centre, where it would have been harder to manage.

Officers were later tipped off about plans among English and Dutch football hooligans to use the event for "hard confrontation".

The five Britons arrested were among 18 people picked up for failing to carry proper identification. They were fined £60 and freed, police spokesman Rob van der Veen said.

A further 14 were held for "public violence" and remain in custody to "appear in court soon", he added.

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