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Friday, 15 October 2010

Why the SWP Thinks that Nearly Everyone is a 'Fascist' or 'Nazi'

It's surprising how many people accept the SWP analysis of fascism. Indeed it's amazing how many non-Trots accept the SWP analysis. More specifically, what these people accept is the theory that fascism "is the last gasp of capitalism". That fascism is what capitalism becomes when in can no longer buck the ‘crisis’.

The important point to make here is that this isn't a case of fascism and capitalism being two distinct phenomena. No. Fascism is a kind of capitalism. Or it is an aspect of capitalism. Extreme capitalism, as it were.

This shouldn't actually be any surprise to those who are familiar with the virulence the SWP shows to ‘capitalism’ (or 'neo-liberalism' today). Though not just capitalism. Just as they see fascism and capitalism as two aspects of the same thing, so too the SWP sees parliamentary democracy, etc. as essential aspects of capitalism. The invectives they aim at capitalism, which can turn to fascism in the blink of an eye, they also aim at the political instantiations of capitalism – liberal democracy, etc. That’s why the SWP position on parliamentary democracy is so absolute. We thus now have a trinity:

                 capitalism-parliamentary democracy- fascism

It really is that simple. At least the SWP thinks it is.

So because of this squaring of capitalism with parliamentary democracy, and the squaring of capitalism with fascism (thus also the squaring of parliamentary democracy with fascism), the SWP is highly suspicious of something both Stalinists and Trots call "social fascism" – that is, fascism that portrays itself - or even is - also ‘social’ in nature. Though if capitalism can easily turn into fascism, and thus liberal democracy can easily turn to/into fascism, then ‘socialism fascism’, social democracy or parliamentary democracy, is also the same phenomenon as fascism itself. Thus fascism is

"a fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie, an organisation that rests on the active support of social democracy which is the moderate wing of fascism".

More explicitly, then, a liberal democrat and a Nazi "do not contradict each other". Stalin himself said that they "complete each other". They are "not antipodes but twins". Thus it should not be a surprise to see why the SWP despises liberal-capitalist democracy so much – it's an aspect of fascism.

And that's why the SWP wants to destroy the whole edifice – from top to bottom. After all, one can't mess about with what is essentially fascism. This also partly explains the reason why the words ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ are always on the lips of SWP members. It also explains why the SWP is just as much against the Conservative and Labour parties as it is against the BNP (though, for strategic reasons, it will emphasise more the evil nature of the latter when needed). In the 1980s, however, the SWP also often accused the Tory Party of being ‘fascist’. (Worse than that, in the 1970s, just about everyone outside the Trotskyist Left was either a ‘fascist’ or a ‘Nazi’.) And at hardcore SWP meetings, Labour and New Labour were/are seen as basically ‘fascist’ too! That's why in the long-run the SWP spends as much time spitting its poison at the Conservative and Labour parties as it does at the BNP and the EDL.

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  1. Stalin was right about one thing: " a liberal democrat and a Nazi do not contradict each other"!

    You only have to look at the nazis in the current lib-dems; Lord Avebury, Jenny Tonge!!