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Friday, 29 October 2010

A view from the EDL demo [from: the Jewish Chronicle]

I loved Jennifer Lipman’s comedy piece (see below). The hushed tones. The dread and apprehension... and all because Lipman saw a few, young, working-class lads having a bit of fun and, yes, perhaps being a bit aggressive every now and again too. Not quite terrorism, eh? Not quite a sharia stoning? Not quite fascism either!

Listen to her best joke. Apparently, 'all', yes, 'all', EDL 'were wearing heavy black jackets and dark scarves'. Really? All of them? Or did she mean a few of them? Or even one of them? I love the 'dark scarves' bit - but I don't know what she means by it.

In addition, 'the boys [were] heartbreakingly young'. What the corbett does that mean? Too young to be in the EDL? But not too young to join the SWP at university? Not too young to join New Labour? Not to young to go to the synagogue or to Church?

The lives of Eskimos is 'a way of life other than [our] own'; but Eskimos don't blow people to smithereens for being non-Eskimos. Jainists are different to most EDL members but we don't want to demonstrate against them. Islam is not simply different - it is also pernicious in a million respects. We are not against Difference, Diversity, the Other - we are simply against pernicious Difference, Diversity, Otherness. That's a big difference and something the left and liberal PC-ers should try to comprehend.

Yes, some EDL were angry, some of the time, at the demo. But I also saw a lots of smiles, joshing and good-natured banter. Anyway. All demonstrations succumb, to some extent, to the tribal vibe - ask a sociologist. And that's not a bad thing. It depends what tribe it is and what they're demonstrating against. And why is 'death to Allah' an 'obscenity'? Allah, the Arab god, is an obscenity. It is he who damands total submission and the death of all whom don't believe in him. That is truly obscene!

Why would Jews allow their 'cause' to be hijacked? Is the average Jew pretty thick? Lipman seems to think so. Perhaps many more Jews would support the EDL if it were not for the monomaniacal hatred for the EDL displayed by regional and national newspapers.

'Yesterday, it was hatred of Islam, but tomorrow, who knows.'

Spell it out Jennifer. Tomorrow, the Jews?


- By Jennifer Lipman, October 25, 2010, from the Jewish Chronicle

As I boarded the train to Kensington yesterday, I noticed a large group of men and boys; the men mostly with heads shaved, the boys heartbreakingly young, with fair hair and flushed faces. All were wearing heavy black jackets and dark scarves. It was clear they were on the way to something big, something they found exciting.

Were they members of the English Defence League, on their way to demonstrate, ostensibly in support of Israel but really against Islam and a way of life other than their own? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it was just the paranoia setting in.

Hours later, as I watched 300 EDL members march up to the high street, banners in hand, chants of "no surrender" and "death to Allah" deafening, I felt my earlier apprehension to be justified.

To anyone who says the EDL are moderates, not racist, defenders of a way of life not obstructers of another, I'd challenge you to listen to a massive throng of angry men and women shouting "Death to Allah" and other obscenities.

Make no mistake. These people are not moderates, they are extremists. One I spoke to denied being from a violent organisation, but admitted to me that he would be willing to fight "if that's what it takes". Looking at the EDL yesterday, I have no doubt.

Outside the Israeli Embassy, they came to hijack a cause - support of Israel and the Jewish community - for their own ends. Yesterday their hatred was for Islam, but tomorrow, who knows.

One member of the counter-demonstration, an Israeli called Yossi Bartel, told me he was there to show that "the EDL are not speaking for Israel and the Jews”.

He's right, and more of the Jewish community must acknowledge and advertise that point.


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