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Monday, 4 October 2010

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Against the UK Police

[Martin Smith attaking a shopper in Birmingham, Sep 5th, 2009.]
The Goverment supports and funds Unite Against Fascism. So too do certain unions.

Its spokesman, Martin Smith, foams and rants against the British police and even seems to mention killing them. Yet, the police largely supports the UAF, and Chief Constable Chris Sims (of the West Mids Police) has said positive things about the UAF vis-a-vis the English Defence League, which does not think that the police 'is an arm of the State', etc; though the EDL has had problems in Dudley and elswhere with WMP.

Below, Martin Smith also pontificates and rants here about 'how disgusting' patriotism is and specifically when the Sun had the audacity of putting Union Jacks on its front page. What a non-PC non-Leftist sin!

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