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Saturday, 23 October 2010

'Stay calm' plea over new city protest rumours [from: Leicester Mercury]

It's nice of the Leicester Mercury to admit, this time, that some EDL were actually 'local EDL supporters' rather than the ever-present 'outsiders' regional newspapers usually refer to. Of course there are EDL members in Leicester; just as there are in Bradford, Dudley, Bolton, Birmingham, Aylesbury, Newcastle, etc. and all the other towns and cities which have held EDL demos. So it is about time people realised that the EDL has thousands of supporters - probably three or four times as many as UAF and God knows how many more than the SWP (which has been around for fifty years - but it is a 'vanguard party').
Thus painting every single EDL supporter as a 'thug' or 'Nazi' simply shows us what these leftist snobs really think of the working class of the UK. They hate them. Just as the Fabians hated them and wanted to sterilise them. Just as the SWP hates them openly nowadays - now that they've finally realised that the working class wont take part in the ever-coming Revolution. The SWP has put all its money on Muslims and Islamism instead. What a fucking gamble!

Of course the 'rumours' of a demo were probably spread by Muslims or by the SWP/UAF. Through struggle people are radicalised. That is a classic Trot position. It is also an Islamist position. No wonder these scumbags get on so well. They want violence. They need conflict. Only then will the Revolution come nearer for the SWP. Only then can Islam spread and each Muslim be given a chance to prove his Islamic credentials through acts of small-scale jihad.

So the police were right. The Muslim response was an 'over-reaction' to events. Muslims and the UAF/SWP must overreact because conflict - struggle/jihad - is all they have to further their respective causes.

'Protest groups are not illegal', so says Leicester police. It's about time Muslims and the SWP got this into their heads. Even if we were banned, the EDL would still survive and even strengthen. It would simply use other non-violent means to get its point across.
We aren't going away!
No surrender.

- From the Leicester Mercury
Police have appealed for calm after false rumours of another protest by the English Defence League circulated in Leicester.

A rumour that "coachloads" of EDL supporters were heading for the city began to circulate by text message and on the internet on Thursday.

As a result, groups of people, mainly Muslim youths, came out on to the streets in several areas. No public order problems were reported.

A small number of people, believed to be predominantly local EDL supporters, gathered in a city centre pub on Thursday night.

The meeting, which was monitored by police, passed without incident.

In a joint statement, several senior officers said: "It is clear that some local people are responding to these rumours by forming large groups with the intention of defending their communities.

"These are unnecessary and an over-reaction to the reality of the situation.

"Protest groups are not illegal and as such are entitled to hold their own private meetings.

"We would like to reassure everybody that we are actively monitoring all intelligence in relation to protest groups and have the ability to respond to any spontaneous issues which may arise."

Police said similar rumours had circulated since the EDL staged a city centre protest on October 9, which led to clashes between officers and EDL supporters

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