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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Online city Muslim group pledging death to all non-believers of Islam 'could be fake' [from: this is Lincolnshire]

[Fake because unpalatable? Where is the evidence that it is fake? There is no evidence in this piece.
JUST Lincolnshire is a sister group of JUST West Yorkshire, an extreme-leftist group which stirred up trouble in Bradford before the EDL demo and which supports and propogates a strange mix of Islamism and Trotskyism.
'Could be fake'? What does that mean? Anything and everything could be fake. UAF's Martin 'Quasimodo' Smiff could be a fake human.]

CONCERNS have been raised over a rogue online group claiming to represent Lincoln's Islamic community.

The group, named the Muslim Defence League – Lincoln Division, was created on September 30 of this year by a Facebook user known as Ibrahim Alauri.

In its Facebook description, the group make clear their ethos is to unite Lincoln's Muslims against the English Defence League – and pledge "death to all non-believers" of the Islamic faith.
The group has since been reported to Lincolnshire Police, who are monitoring their activity.

But Just Lincolnshire, a recently established group dedicated to preserving racial equality and promoting human rights throughout the county, warn it could be a fake group created to discredit genuine Muslim intentions.

Paul Elliott, chief executive of Just Lincolnshire, said: "It appears from reading the official Muslim Defence League (MDL) Facebook site description that it has been set up in response to the activities of the English Defence League.

"The official MDL Facebook site, which has 11,258 Facebook friends, also describes its purpose as 'wishing to defend all races and religions', which is in stark contrast to the unacceptable aggressive Facebook description of the unofficial Lincoln MDL branch, with just two friends.

"It is not clear the Lincoln Branch of MDL actually exists, or whether this may be a spoof site set up to discredit the bona fide official MDL Facebook pages which have previously been infiltrated in a similar fashion."

Alaa Alnajafi, a 20-year-old student in Lincoln and member of the Islamic faith, said that groups such as the MDL Lincoln Division in no way represented the beliefs of the Islamic faith.

She said: "We, as the Islamic community of Lincoln, disassociate ourselves from any Muslim groups or individuals who commit un-Islamic acts.

"Those who commit acts of terror, murder and cruelty in the name of Islam are not only destroying innocent lives, but are also betraying the values of this faith they claim to represent."

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  1. Yes, flaming taqqiya and kitman: lies, lies, lies in order to further islam.